Washing bowl

With this dishwashing bowl, you make doing the dishes less of a chore! The accompanying drying rack provides even greater convenience. Because the dishwashing bowl is square, it fits in a rectangular sink.

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  1. Washing Up Bowl Dark Grey
    Washing Up Bowl Dark Grey
    Available in 2 colors
    In stock
  2. Washing Up Bowl with Drying Tray Light Gray
    Washing Up Bowl with Drying Tray Light Gray
    Available in 2 colors
    In stock

A square dishwashing bowl with drying mat

This dishwashing bowl is not just a bowl, the matching draining rack is a tray that also fits on the bowl like a lid. If you don't have a lot of space on your kitchen counter, you can also leave the dishes to dry somewhere else, place the dishwasher with the draining rack on it in the sink, for example. You can also put the dishwashing brush, dishwashing liquid and wipes in the bowl, cover on and you're done! Something as simple as a dishwashing tub becomes a sink organiser and thus can really add something to your kitchen! Combine the plastic dishwashing bowl with our other sink accessories such as the handy counter-top waste bin, or a soap dispenser that doesn't rust! The dishwasher is available in white and dark grey. It is super sturdy and will not bend if there is a lot of water in it. Say goodbye to the old-fashioned dishwashing tub and opt for this rectangular bowl with its sleek look!

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