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A fresh view on drying outside

Drying your laundry outside is better for the environment, it makes clothes and while you hang it up, you get a healthy dose of vitamin D. And we haven't even mentioned the wonderful smell. The smell of line-dried sheets has even been voted the best household smell. Give it a try!

7 reasons to dry your laundry outside:

  1. The fresh smell! (without aggressive chemicals).
  2. Saves energy and reduces indoor air pollution.
  3. Saves time - in summer, laundry dries faster than in the dryer.
  4. The dryer is not recommended for many clothes and can cause clothes to wear out more quickly. Natural drying helps clothes last longer.
  5. The sun bleaches white laundry - naturally and subtly.
  6. Sun fights bacteria.
  7. The wind is a natural fabric softener. So fewer wrinkles and less ironing.

Your ideal clothesline

Add a cheerful twist to your laundry days - dry your laundry outside on one of Brabantia's handy rotaries. With the Topspinner rotary dryer, you don't have to walk around to hang up your washing - the rotary dryer rotates for you. The Lift-O-Matic is adjustable to your ideal working height. Our Essential range takes up little space in your garden, and for our super space saving Wallfix dryers you don't even need a garden - you just need a wall, or a balcony!

  1. Rotary Dryer Lift-O-Matic 50 metre, with Ground Spike, Cover & Peg Bag, Ø 45 mm - Spring Pink
  2. WallFix Dryer 24 metres, with Protection Cover
  3. Rotary Dryer Lift-O-Matic Advance 50 metre, with Ground Spike, Cover & Peg Bag, Ø 50 mm - Metallic Grey
  4. Rotary Dryer Lift-O-Matic 50 metre, with Ground Spike, Cover & Peg Bag, Ø 45 mm - Leaf Green
  5. Rotary Dryer Topspinner 50 metre, with Ground Spike, Ø 45 mm - Anthracite

Facts about brabantia clothes driers:

  • All Rotaries are weatherproof and stable
  • Lines stay taut
  • You can use it to store at least one family wash/full load of laundry
  • All Rotaries come with a 5-year guarantee

Drying outside is also possible in autumn and winter!

The higher the temperature, the faster your laundry will dry. But that does not mean that you have to dry your laundry inside in autumn and winter. Because the wind and humidity also play a role. So a windy autumn day or a crisp winter day are also perfect for taking your laundry outside. Did you know that you can even dry your laundry outside when it is freezing? Spin your laundry extra well, check the weather forecast before hanging it out, and if in doubt, use a drying rack. Our drying racks have a standard folding safety device, so if it rains you can bring them inside quickly and easily. After drying (a lot of) your laundry inside, open the window to let the damp air escape. This is better for the air quality in your home.

  1. HangOn Drying Rack 25 metres - Matt Black
  2. HangOn Drying Rack 25 metres with rod - White
  3. HangOn Drying Rack 25 metres - Metallic Grey
  4. HangOn Drying Rack 15 metres - Matt Black

Drying tips

  1. Hanging a shirt on a clothes hanger? Close the top button. This keeps the collar in shape.
  2. Roll up freshly washed jumpers in a soft towel and leave them for a few minutes. Then spread them out on a dry towel. After 12 to 24 hours, turn the jumper over and change the towel for a perfect result.
  3. If you hang your sheets with the fold exactly in the middle over the washing line, they will be easier to fold later on.
  4. Avoid double washing: clean your clothesline with a cloth before hanging the washing. Or get one of our easy-to-use indoor rotaries or protective covers to keep your lines clean and dry.
  5. Drying sheets outside? Attach a set of clothes pegs to the bottom of the sheets to make them heavier. This prevents flapping.
  6. If you hang your clothes at the strongest part - the waist or inside hem - you won't have to iron out the clothes peg marks later. With our clothes pegs, this is less of a problem anyway.
  7. Dry clothes on a hanger. This way you can put more on the drying rack and everything can go straight into the closet.