How to make doing the dishes more fun

Yes, you read that right – doing the washing up doesn´t have to be a dreaded task at the end of a meal. We’ll show you how to make doing the dishes fun!

The right tools for the job

Armed with the right accessories, plenty of hot water and bubbles and a helper or two the washing up need never be a chore again. Kit yourself out with rubber gloves (to protect your precious skin), a good washing up brush, a dishrack and tea towels for drying (don´t leave dishes to drain – it looks untidy). And a handy sink caddy will make sure everything stays in its place.

Wash dishes together

Set a routine with the other members of your household and stick to it. This means everyone gets a turn at washing, drying and putting away and the washing up will get done much faster.

Use the time washing the dishes as bonding time, to chat with your partner or children, make plans or talk about homework. We all lead such busy lives these days and often don’t even make the time to eat together.

Doing a simple household chore such as the dishes can give you 15 minutes’ valuable time with your family.

Use dishwashing time productively

We’ve all heard of multi-tasking and doing this while washing the dishes is a great way to feel a sense of achievement. Here are some ideas for things you can do while washing up:

  • make a playlist of your favourite songs and sing along
  • listen to a podcast and improve your knowledge
  • watch or listen to the news
  • put on an audiobook
  • voice message friends or family
  • use this as thinking time to clear your head

Another tip is to set a timer, say for 20 minutes, so you don´t get distracted and focus on the job in hand. It’s amazing how quickly you’ll clear those dishes when you know the timer’s going to beep at any moment!

Make doing the washing up a daily routine that you and your family our housemates share together. As the saying goes ‘many hands make light work’!

Doing the dishes can be fun!

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