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How to make your bathroom like new again

You don't have to plan a major makeover to jazz up your bathroom and make it feel special. 

Give it a lick of paint

Painting one statement wall or the whole bathroom can really liven up the bathroom. Go for a bold colour such as yellow or pink if you're feeling daring. Or for something a little more subtle, choose calmer colours that will enhance your existing décor. Don't forget you can totally transform cabinets and bathroom furniture by painting them too.

Dare to be different

Step outside the box and add accessories you wouldn't normally find in the bathroom. Think clocks, pictures, photos, several mirrors displayed together and furniture such as benches or display cabinets.

Add accessories

On a budget? A new set of towels, a blind or changing the curtains can give your bathroom a new look. You could also add a bin, storage baskets, bathroom scales, and a soap dispenser. Even a new toilet brush can make a difference!

And on the subject of toilets, a new toilet seat can transform the look and feel of your bathroom. Toilet seats come in many styles – wood, plastic, with pictures – some even light up!


Bring the outside in

Using plants in the bathroom has always been popular and many love the damp environment. But have you considered a gorgeous bunch of fresh flowers to adorn your bathroom? They won't only look good, they’ll make it smell nice too – essential in this room of many purposes. 

Jazz up your bathroom with these ideas! 

Theme your bathroom

A themed bathroom brings a sense of style to this room. Here are some ideas:

  • Rustic – use wood, stone, neutral décor and lots of greenery. A rustic bathroom creates a welcoming, natural ambiance that’ll be a pleasure to spend time in.
  • Tropical – to evoke that feeling of warmer climes and sunny days go tropical. A bamboo shower mat, a shower curtain printed with tropical flowers, a palm plant and scented candles can all create that exotic feeling.
  • Minimal – if you love the ‘less is more’ look. This theme uses sleek, clean lines and no fuss. White and chrome predominate and can be combined with a darker splash of colour to give depth and interest.