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Ironing sheets and pillow cases – should you or not?

We’ll get straight to the point – it’s a good idea to iron sheets and pillowcases. Why? Isn’t life too short to spend time ironing your bed linen?

Well no actually! What could be better than sliding between cool and fresh hotel-quality sheets that have been ironed to perfection? We all need a little pampering and ironing your bed linen is an easy way to do this.

Here are our tips for ironing your sheets and pillowcases quickly and easily. You’ll never get into a crumpled bed again!

  • Sheets are made of many different fabrics: cotton, linen, polyester, flannel and even satin. Set the iron as hot as possible for the fabric. This will ensure it glides over the material and you’ll watch the creases disappear in minutes.
  • Iron damp. Either take the sheets and pillowcases off the line before they’re completely dry or out of the dryer before the cycle completes. Doing this will make them much easier to iron than if they’re bone dry.
  • Use starch. Create that wonderful relaxed feeling you get when you slip between the freshly laundered sheets of a hotel bed. Starch gives bed linen a crisp finish that makes the fabric stiff but not hard.
  • Use a good ironing board. A quality board with a thick cover will give crease-free results. It'll also make the task of ironing easier than trying to do it on the table or floor.
  • If you’re in a hurry (or don't particularly like ironing) fold the sheets first and iron them double. Try not to iron along the crease or they’ll look like they’ve just come out of the pack when you put them on your bed.


So, will you still just smooth and fold your sheets and pillowcases (or worse still scrunch them up in a ball!)? Or are you going to opt for a little luxury in your life and create a bed that’s a pleasure to sink into every night?