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Kitchen tools you can't live without

The kitchen utensils you should invest in

Whether you’re setting up home for the first time or want to refresh your kitchen, these are the utensils you probably can't live without!


every kitchen needs a good set of knives as you’ll use them every day. As a minimum, you should invest in a bread knife, meat knife, a vegetable knife and a general utility knife. Keep them sharp with a knife sharpener so they’re always ready to use. 


sometimes you need a ladle rather than a spoon to serve sauces, soups and casseroles.


a selection of spoons is essential for every dining occasion: serving, vegetable, strainer spoon and a spaghetti spoon.


even if you’re not a fan of baking, a whisk can be a useful kitchen item. Use it to beat eggs, sauces and milk. Mini whisks are great for making small quantities of sauces and salad dressings.

Can opener 

some tinned foods don’t have a ring pull, so a can opener should be part of your kitchen utensil set.

Cheese grater 

choose a universal grater with different-sized holes to vary the size of grated cheese.


for flipping and tossing (pancakes, eggs, bacon…) a spatula is a must. A slatted spatula drains excess fat – great for a healthy lifestyle.


Potato masher 

mashed potato must be lump free and a masher will do the job perfectly. It’s also useful to mash vegetables such as swede or butternut squash.


for peeling potatoes, apples, carrots and other fruit and vegetables. A peeler is much easier and safer to use than a knife.

Chopping boards

buy a set of both wooden and plastic. Wood for bread and plastic for meat, salad and vegetables. Remember to use a different board for cutting meat to avoid contamination.

Ice cream scoop 

if you've got kids, there has to be an ice-cream scoop in your kitchen drawer. And if you don't have kids, a scoop of ice-cream as a treat or when guests come to dinner always goes down well.


essential for opening that bottle of red or white wine to accompany dinner!