Making the Bo Touch Bin

One of the latest products from Brabantia is the Bo Touch Bin. A feast for lovers of design, something eye-catching in your kitchen. But before a product comes onto the market, a great deal goes into it.

Almost a century of craftsmanship, a passion for design and a love for our planet all come together in Bo. The Bo Touch Bin is living proof that a waste bin can also be a beautiful piece of interior design. Cleaning underneath is a breeze! The Bo knows how to multitask, thanks to 1, 2 or 3 removable inner bins, for 3 types of waste. It is therefore perfect for separating out waste. The waste bin is space-saving and opens at the lightest touch.

Legs, yes, but what sort of legs?

"We were searching for what the Brabantia furniture look might be," says designer Joris Smeets. We came up with the legs idea during a brainstorming session. Handy, because now you can hoover underneath the rubbish, too, but it also looks stylish. But then came the dilemma: what kind of legs? We went outside our comfort zone with this design. The Bo really was a team effort: the group dynamic felt very strong. Everyone was totally focused and enthusiastic about the product."

Francis van der Leest is in product development at Brabantia. “The Bo was designed in a fairly short time, but with a lengthy preliminary process first. A lot of thought has gone into it," says Francis. “This product is typical of the new direction we are taking with Brabantia. In the past, practical and sustainable and functional were especially important, but more attention is now being paid to the beautiful and surprising.”

We went outside our comfort zone with this design.

Bo Touch Bin was developed in the Netherlands and is made with love and care at the Brabantia factory in Belgium. Curious how the design process unfolded? Watch the video below:

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