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New colours, new energy

Colours (alone or combined) can add grandeur and character to your interior, be it a light space, dark or industrial kitchen, or even homes styled in japandi or natural décor. And beautiful colours can turn a chore into a pleasurable ritual! Like our Mellow Yellow, Satin Taupe, Confident Grey and Jade Green, that bring new energy to chores and are made to mix and match.

Keep your interior style together with a colour palette

A colour palette is a combination of colours that complement each other and can be used throughout a space. It is a home’s colour story. When you use one, the overall design will look more cohesive - and unique. But picking the right colours is not as easy as it seems. Try choosing a colour palette that spans a variety of hues that complement each other. Use three to five colours or less and vary accent colours depending on your rooms. For open floor plans, it’s best to use a more grounding and neutral colour palette. Bold pops of colour are great for spaces that are more clearly defined, like a bathroom or kitchen. 
The new Brabantia colours Mellow Yellow, Satin Taupe, Confident Grey and Jade Green are made to mix and match and to work with any industrial, japandi or natural décor. You can go wild with lots of yellow and taupe, and have a calm, natural vibe in your bathroom within the same palette. A versatile colour combo!

Palette perfection

Items in Mellow Yellow add happiness to your home. This energetic new hue is reminiscent of beams of sunlight, and lemon sorbets. Everything you need to brighten up your room and lift your mood. 

Are you more into sophistication and class? Satin Taupe is the hue for you! It’s a warm neutral, consisting of a mix of grey and beige with a hint of red. This rich colour transforms any room into a warm and welcoming sanctuary. Mix it with Mellow Yellow for an eclectic and energetic vibe, or with Jade Green and Confident Grey for a cool, calm and collected look. Smooth! Talking about those greys and greens, they are a great way to bring the outside in and bring harmony to your home. Jade Green is soothing and balances out your style. A real jewel. The new Confident Grey is the strong and silent type, adding a calm class to your room. Both go great with the two bolder colours in our palette but can be used solo or in a nature-nature combination. A winning team. 

You can find our new colours on our Sort&Go Recycle Bins, Stackable Canisters, StepUp Pedal Bin and SinkSide collection. 

What colour gets you in the mood for chores?