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Rituals for bathroom bliss


Singing under a warm shower, treating your skin with a sweet-smelling body lotion and applying a mask before you go to bed. All bathroom rituals that make you happy.

But in today’s busy life, mornings are rushed. Get up, have a swift shower and breakfast, brush your teeth, grab your stuff and jump into the car for the commute to work. No room for misplaced mascaras or slipups with soap. And that’s where the new bathroom beauties from the Brabantia ReNew Collection come in handy. From a stylish soap dispenser and a toothbrush holder to a pedal bin with recycling option – the ReNew Collection counts sixteen different products to organize your bathroom and toilet to perfection for smooth running morning rituals. And they are stylish too, so that you can enjoy your evening self-care routine in a beautiful, zen bathroom

Transform your bathroom with the new Brabantia beauties from the ReNew Bathroom Collection


Your bathroom should be a place to relax in the evenings. Take some time for yourself: take a bath with a book (tip: 5 books for a peaceful mind), like you used to do. Turn on some relaxing music via Spotify and you’ll feel reborn an hour later. pamper your skin with a nice body lotion and don’t forget to take the time to paint your nails.


By adding just a few new items in your bathroom and toilet, you give the whole room a new look and feel. What do you think of the Pedal bin Recycle, for example? Looks great, and has a two inner compartments, to separate waste conveniently. Or how about a new soap pump? Or a fresh set of towels in a new colour to make your bathroom feel new again.



Fed up with clutter in your bathroom? Rise against towels lying around on the floor – get some of these handy hooks to hang them on. Wall mounting is easy with the supplied screws. Does drilling give you headaches? Just use the supplied mounting tape! Of course, the ReNew shower squeegee comes with its own handy hanging hook too. A perfect addition to your stylish bathroom! And for the jumble of products on your sink, use the Bathroom Caddy. It will happily hold your deodorant, shaving gear, hair products, toothbrush, comb and other products you frequently use. Next level organizing!


Bathroom rituals - did you know that ...

  • Catching the first cold shower water for your plants is a great way to save water.
  • Singing in the shower is super good for your mood. When you sing, endorphins and oxytocin start to flow, two chemicals that make you feel good. Put on a nice feel-good playlist and start your day a lot happier!
  • Do something good for the environment? Shorten your shower by just one minute and save up to 7 litres of water. If everyone did this, we would save 28 billion litres of water and 126 million m3 of gas annually (source: the green challenge). And it’s cheaper too!

Toilet Brush and Holder ReNew - Platinum
Toilet Roll Holder ReNew - Platinum
Bathroom Caddy ReNew - Dark Grey
Shower Squeegee ReNew, with door hook - Dark Grey
Soap Dish ReNew - Dark Grey
Towel Hooks ReNew, Set of 2, screws and tape included - Dark Grey
Toilet Roll Dispenser ReNew - Platinum
Bathroom Accessory Set ReNew, Set of 3 - Dark Grey
Soap Dispenser ReNew - Dark Grey
Bathroom Scales ReNew, battery Powered - Dark Grey