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The best tools for keeping the bathroom clean


Let’s face it, cleaning the bathroom isn't a pleasant job. But with the right cleaning tools your bathroom will be squeaky clean. Even though you can't see the dirt, bathrooms can be a breeding ground for bacteria. So regular cleaning is essential, particularly if a lot of people use the bathroom in your home.


Wipe down the shower walls and screen after every shower with a squeegee. This’ll only take seconds. As well as keeping things clean, it will help protect the grout which can deteriorate when in constant contact with water. If you have a shower curtain, wash it at least once a month to stop mould growing on it.


Use bathroom cleaner to clean the bath, ensuring you use the right one for your type of bath. For example, scourers and abrasive cleaners can scratch both enamel and acrylic baths. It’s better to use a cloth and a bit of elbow grease!


A bathroom bin is another essential bathroom tool for wet wipes, tissues and other bathroom debris.



The same applies to the sink as baths – the right cleaner and a cloth will do the job. Use window cleaner to clean splashes off the mirror. A handy tip to reduce smears is to wipe windows and mirrors with kitchen roll, not a cloth.


Shiny taps make a bathroom feel clean. The trick is to dry them and buff them up after cleaning them. You can also use window cleaner to make taps gleam.



We can't avoid the fact that the toilet is there to be used and needs cleaning. A smart toilet brush in a  holder can complement your decor and act as a functional bathroom tool too. A strong toilet cleaner containing bleach will keep the germs at bay. Cleaners that hang inside the rim are also good for intermittent cleaning at every flush.


A bathroom bin is another essential bathroom tool for wet wipes, tissues and other bathroom debris. Keep an old toothbrush in your cleaning box too, to scrub the dirt away around taps, edges and plugholes. And for a quick fix clean if you’re expecting guests, keep a pack of bathroom wipes handy.