The tools you need to make doing the laundry a breeze

If you've got the right tools for the job, doing the laundry will never be a chore again. A neatly organised laundry room or area with all the products you need at hand will make doing the laundry a breeze!

1. Washing machine

Obviously, you need a washing machine to do the laundry efficiently. When buying a new machine think about what you need it to do before you make the purchase.

Consider the size (do you want to wash duvets and do you have a big family?), the spin speed (to avoid dripping clothes) and whether it has a timer (many electricity tariffs are cheaper at night).

And although today’s washing machines have lots of different programmes to choose from, you’ll probably only use the same ones over and over again. The main programmes are: daily wash, delicates, heavy-duty wash (sports gear) and quick wash.

2. Baskets and bins

Use these to sort clothes before and after doing the laundry. They come in all shapes and sizes – cylindrical, square, folding and stacking. Go for a super-cool metallic style or the more traditional fabric version. A folding basket for each member of your household would be a great idea. As soon as clothes are dry you put them in the basket and that person puts away their own clothes – less work for you!

3. Accessories

The right accessories stored on shelves or in a cupboard will also make doing the laundry easier. We suggest:

  1. good quality pegs so they don't mark clothes
  2. bags for delicates and socks
  3. hangers to hang things directly and save on ironing
  4. detergent, fabric conditioner, tumble dryer sheets and stain remove

4. Drying

Air drying is best for that freshly washed smell and it’s eco-friendly too! A rotary dryer saves on space and you just fold it away when you’ve finished with it. There’s something really satisfying about watching your clothes swirl in the breeze whilst drying naturally.

For those days when the weather’s too wet for drying outside, an indoor airer is perfect. And of course, a tumble dryer is great for drying too but can be expensive if you use it all the time.

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