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Top 5 laundry tips for autumn and winter


Autumn is finally here, which means it’s nearly time for laundry drying to come inside! With many wanting to cut back on using the tumble dryer this year, for both planet and pocket, we decided to share with you our top tips for cold season laundry and indoor drying.

1. Wash less, air out

Many garments don’t need to be washed after just one wear, so why not get into the habit of airing out those items that you can wear a 2nd or 3rd time? Chucking them on ‘the chair’ just won’t cut it! The Brabantia Linn is perfect for keeping worn clothes looking fresh, plus it keeps your clothes in view while looking super stylish. Good for both your clothes and the planet.

2. Take your clothes for a spin

Did you know that many washing machines have a short ‘spin setting’? By running this extra spin cycle after a wash you can remove as much water as possible from your laundry, ready to transfer the load to your indoor drying rack. Take care though – the extra spin isn’t always suitable for delicate items!

3. Spread out

Avoid putting too many garments on the same part of the drying rack, as this can delay the drying process, which in turn can result in damp smelling clothes. Spread clothes out well, and turn them over after a couple of hours if you can. Our HangOn Drying Racks have between 15 and 25 metres of drying space, giving you a compact drying solution with optimum hanging space!

  1. HangOn Drying Rack 25 metres with rod - Matt Black
  2. HangOn Drying Rack 25 metres with rod - Metallic Grey
  3. HangOn Drying Rack 25 metres with rod - White
  4. HangOn Drying Rack 25 metres - Matt Black
  5. HangOn Drying Rack 20 metres - Matt Black

4. Pick the best room

If you can, dry your clothes in a room that is used infrequently and has good airflow (yes, even when it’s cold outside!). Clothes can pick up musty odours if they’re dried in a carpeted room, so somewhere with hard flooring would also be the best choice if possible.

5. Avoid radiators

Although drying clothes on radiators seems like a good idea, it can actually mean an increase in power consumption, which of course leads to higher energy bills. It can also mean extra moisture enters the air, which can cause damp and mould. Drying on a drying rack in a ventilated room is the best option!