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Which clothes can I steam?

Your beautiful woollen jacket, that fancy dress, your woollen winter coat… Some clothes are too vulnerable for the washing machine, due to the construction of the fabric. If you wash them, the colours might be affected, the details may be damaged, sequins may come off and shoulder pads might get crumpled. But you don’t always have to go to the dry cleaner – you can also refresh these clothes at home, with a steaming device. 


Steaming your own clothes is quicker and cheaper than the dry cleaner. And it’s not difficult: you can simply do it at home with a steaming device. Fill the steamer with water, wait for it to warm up and use the steam on your clothes. Your clothes will be refreshed in no time. 

Steaming clothes is perfect for removing scents and bacteria, and for decreasing light crinkles. Thanks to the steam, the fibres relax and the crinkles disappear, but the colours stay intact, just like your shoulder pads and fancy buttons. So steaming is perfect for refreshing your clothes in between washes, and for clothes that you can’t wash. 

Steaming coats, jackets and blazers
Coats, jackets and blazers are often made of fabrics that can’t handle water well. The lining and the filling of collars and shoulder pads also don’t thrive from a round in the washing machine. But jackets and winter coats can also get crumpled or get an unpleasant smell. And you don’t have to go to the dry cleaner if that happens. You can also steam your jacket with a clothes steamer! And you can also steam your coat or your blazer yourself. 

Steaming shirts, blouses, and dresses
Shirts, blouses and dresses are also perfect for steaming. Steaming is better for the fabric. It makes the textile fibres fuller, so that the crinkles will disappear. Are you going to steam your shirt? Make sure that you don’t hold the nozzle too close to the fabric, to avoid damage. (The same applies to steaming a dress or blouse.) And also make sure to check out our blog on fabrics you cannot steam. 

Steaming pants and jackets
Just like other items of clothing, pants and jackets can also be steamed. Hang them and use the steam to decrease light crinkles and neutralize scents. Make sure to move the steam nozzle over the fabric evenly, for a smooth result.


Do you want to steam your own jacket, blouse or pantaloon yourself in a professional manner. Then you should use steam accessories like a steam board, steam hanger or steam blanket. Better results and better for your back. The hangers are beautifully curved at the top, so that the shoulders and collar will look perfect. In our Refresh & Steam collection, you will find everything you need for a perfect steaming job. 


Which fabrics can you safely steam yourself with a clothes steamer? Read about it in this blog!