Which grating tools for what?

Excuse the pun but your grater needs to be great! Cheese for a toastie, chocolate to decorate, lemon zest for your cakes, ginger to spice up your oriental dishes… we’ll show you the best graters for the job.

Cleaning grating tools by hand can be a little tricky so make sure yours are dishwasher-friendly (if you have a dishwasher of course). And whichever grater you go for make sure the blades are sharp for excellent grating every time.


The classic standard grater comes in several grating sizes and gives effortless grating, whether you need fine, ribbon or course grating. Suitable for all kinds of vegetable and fruit grating, and cheese too if you don´t have a cheese grater in your collection. Grating locks in the flavour whether you’re grating vegetables for a side dish, cheese for a lasagne or chocolate for a mousse.
Choose grating tools with non-slip handles for ease of use and safety and a fairly large surface area to complete the job in no time. What’s for dinner tonight? Why not jazz up that shepherd’s pie or warming winter soup with a little bit of grating? Use your imagination to grate away!

Universal graters

With an ultra-modern universal grater you can choose your style and size of grating. Fat potato slices, medium parsnip shavings or thinly grated carrot strips… a universal grater can do it all. A flat universal grater is an ideal space saver, whilst a box grater collects the gratings, for less mess. Universal graters are one of the kitchen’s most versatile grating tools – do you have yours? 

Lemon Zester

Make light work of zesting with a lemon zester. Keeps your knuckles safe when zesting and is fantastic for zesting lemons, oranges and grapefruit. Add citrus fruit zest to summer drinks, water, spritzers and naturally a G&T! A lemon zester also doubles up as a slicer – use it for decorating with chocolate, mincing garlic, grating parmesan and adding colour and flavour to salads and salad dressings with herb and vegetable shavings.

Cheese slicer

Perfect for cheese lovers, the cheese slicer means a smooth and easy slicing experience every time. Sleek slicing with a cheese slicer means ideally-sized slices for sandwiches, dinner parties or just to munch on. And cheese slicers aren’t just for cheese – use them to slice vegetables too; carrots, cucumber, courgettes, potatoes… get creative with your cheese slicer!

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