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Why does the floor get wet while ironing?

Do you have a steam iron? I'm sure you've seen droplets of moisture on the surface of the ironing board cover. Or, even worse, puddles of water on the floor. Not nice, because with a damp ironing board, clean clothes also get wet (read: water stains). What's more, the puddles of water on the ground can cause unwanted spots on your floor. Or, worse, on your shoes.

Causes of a wet floor while ironing

Rest assured, there's nothing wrong with your iron. A bit of physics: steam causes water droplets. A good ironing board cover can handle this moisture, but under certain circumstances, there can still be puddles of water on your ironing board and on the floor. This can have two causes:

  1. The top cotton layer of the ironing board cover is worn out.
  2. The foam inside, the felt layer, is worn out.

The solution against a wet floor while ironing

A good ironing board cover is steam-permeable. There are numerous solutions to prevent condensation and therefore water droplets during ironing:

  • Does your iron have an Eco mode? Then set it on that position;
  • Replace the ironing board cover. A new ironing board cover has a top layer and felt inner layer that are not worn and therefore still of high quality;
  • Place an extra layer of felt under the ironing board cover.
  • Shop a special ironing board with water collector

Smart solutions

PerfectFlow ironing board cover

Are you planning on buying a new ironing board cover? Then the PerfectFlow is highly recommended. This unique ironing board cover was developed jointly by Brabantia and Philips, and has several layers. Thanks to these extra layers of felt, your ironing chore will proceed quickly, easily and without unwanted moisture.

SteamControl ironing board

The more steam, the better you iron and the better the result. That's why many households already have a steam unit on the ironing board. The SteamControl ironing board was developed especially for ironing with a steam unit. For example, it has a convenient, fold-out and heat-resistant steam unit platform. This modern ironing board also captures and drains all condensation.