Colour your world

­Brabantia introduces new colour palette

Colour makes your day. And your days should be beautiful. That is why Brabantia introduces 4 new colours.  Make any room a style sanctuary with bins in blushing Terracotta Pink, calm Pine Green, a strong Mineral Cinnamon, or (and!) luxurious Champagne. NewIcon and Bo Pedal Bins, Touch Bins, and even Bread Bins in the new hues are available from April.

Change your looks

Redoing your kitchen? Don’t think DIY, think dye! A dash of different colours can make a world of difference. And with Brabantia, you don’t even have to take out a paintbrush for it. The Brabantia design team chose a new palette of colours to change the look and feel of your kitchen. Try accessories in Champagne for a touch of glamour. Or in Pine Green for a fresh winter forest feel. Let the soft Terracotta Pink transport you back to that particularly touching holiday moment. Or feel how the Mineral Cinnamon warms your heart!


 “We believe that our products help you enjoy the doing even more when they have a colour you love,” - Twan Verdonck, Creative Director

Colours colour your world

Colour is emotion made visible. It conveys messages, evokes feelings, and can add brilliance to everyday things and chores. We even feel better when in the presence of the right colour. Pink brings soft strength, and green immediately lets you think of lush green of grass, trees, and forests. It is thought to relieve stress and help heal. A calm palette brings harmony and inner peace, earthy tones and stone and metal colours show character, whilst colour blocking gives playfulness and energy.

Glam it up

Feel the glamour of Champagne in every day activities. The Bo Touch Bin and newIcon Pedal Bins now sport the colour of your favourite bubbly. Shine on with our newIcon familiars in 3L, 5L, 12L, 20L and 30L. The Bo Touch Bin family has also gone glam in 3x11, 11+ 23L and 36L to make your trash look class. And there’s more for your kitchen. With the Brabantia Roll Top Bread Bin and Fall Front Bread Bin in Champagne, your buns will taste like brioche! Not in the mood for bins or bread? Take your kitchen staples to the next level with our Window Canisters 1.4L.

Bins galore

Would you rather bring a touch of nature into your home? Go for waste management in Pine Green. Or choose the warmer notes of Terracotta Pink and Mineral Cinnamon. The first two new colours are available for all NewIcon Pedal Bins, Mineral Cinnamon for 12, 20 and 30 litres NewIcon Pedal Bins. The Bo Pedal Bin 36L, 11 + 23L and 3 x 11L come in Pine Green and Terracotta Pink, and the Bo Touch Bins in 36L, 11 +23L, 3x11L, 2x30L and 60L also come in Pine green. And last but not least, the Touch Bin 30L has joined the colour clash. On the edible side, Brabantia also makes the Fall Front Bread Bin and Roll Top Bread Bin in Pine Green, Terracotta Pink and Champagne. Daring colours for kitchens with great taste!

Brabantia products in the new colours can be bought in store from April. All bins have a 10-year Brabantia guarantee. For details, please contact our sales department or visit

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