Rotary dryers as garden accessories?

New colourful rotary dryers by Brabantia

Drying your laundry outdoors is better for the planet, cheaper and you get that lovely fresh scent for free. And Brabantia’s new colourful dryers make drying naturally not just a breeze, but beautiful too! The Topspinner 50m and Lift-O-Matic 50m rotary dryers are available in fashionable Leaf Green and elegant Anthracite. Colours that blend in and stand out, matching garden trends.

Love the Lift-O-Matic

Brabantia lets you enjoy your laundry blowing in the wind even more with the 50M Lift-O-Matic, a rotary dryer that lets you hang your washing without excessive lifting. Just set the dryer to your ideal working height (anywhere between 129 and 187 cm), and spin it around. This robust rotary dryer is fitted with 50 metres of extra quality, UV-resistant non-slip washing lines that are always taut. It has an eye at the end of each arm for clothes hangers, and a sturdy hanging loop for easy storage. There’s a Leaf Green and an Anthracite Lift-O-Matic with ground spike and a set with ground spike and accessories.

Topspinner turns laundry days around

The Topspinner rotary dryer really spins like a top, even when the arms are fully loaded with wet laundry. But there’s more: it’s easy to open and has 50 metres of extra quality, UV-resistant non-slip washing lines. Thanks to the nifty umbrella-system, these lines are always taut. You’ll surely love the eye at the end of each arm to hang clothes hangers from, and its sturdy hanging loop for easy storage. The Brabantia Topspinner 50M in Leaf Green or Anthracite is available with a strong metal ground spike for sturdy anchorage in your garden, so no concrete needed.

Tip: When placing your rotary dryer, seek for the spot in your yard that gets the most sun around midday. Clothes will dry the quickest there.

Different colours, all green

No matter what colour, Brabantia rotary dryers are always green. Not only because they are produced sustainably, and made to be recycled. By drying your laundry naturally, you let the wind and the sun do the job, save energy and make the world more beautiful. By buying a Brabantia rotary dryer, you help us support WeForest to fulfil its mission – restoring forests for climate, people and planet. Together with WeForest, we have planted more than 1.5 million trees so far!

Dry facts on natural drying

Drying your laundry outdoors is better for the planet, saves you money and you get that lovely fresh air scent for free. And did you know keeping your clothes out of the tumble dryer extends their life? Bonus: Sun and wind are doing some great work in removing creases in your clothing. Did you also know that outside drying could also make your whites stay whiter for longer? The sterilising UV rays in sunlight actually assist in bleaching out stains - brightening up those light items with a free sunshine boost!

The colourful Brabantia Rotary dryers are available from October 2019.

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