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Sort and Go Bins

Advantages of a Sort and Go bin

Sort and Go bins are designed to encourage eco-friendly waste disposal habits, offering a range of colours and sizes to make recycling and waste separation as easy as possible.

  • Square base for space efficiency
  • Handles for easy carrying and emptying
  • Discrete built-in bin options available for kitchen cupboards
  • Brackets available for wall hanging
  • A sustainable waste disposal choice; made of recyclable materials

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  1. Sort & Go Waste Bin 6 litre - Jade Green
    Available in 5 colors
  2. Sort & Go Waste Bin 25 litre - Jade Green
    Available in 5 colors
  3. Sort & Go Waste Bin 25 litre - Grey
    Available in 5 colors
  4. Sort & Go Waste Bin 16 litre - Jade Green
    Available in 5 colors
  5. Sort & Go Built-in Bin 2 x 16 litre - Jade Green & Grey
  6. Sort & Go Built-in Bin 2 x 12 litre - Jade Green & Grey

The perfect recycling bin

For families and workspaces looking to improve their recycling system, the Sort and Go range of bins is the best solution. The variety of pastel colours available enables you to colour-code your recycling without compromising on the Brabantia luxury style, while the varying volume capacities accommodate for every size room. Separate your waste based on materials with a mix of integrated bins under your counter, tabletop food waste bins, and standalone or wall-hanging bins of a bigger size elsewhere. 

Sort and Go waste bin sizes

Our range of Sort and Go bins gives you plenty of choices when it comes to size. For larger quantities of recycling in the kitchen, perhaps choose a pair of large 25L or even 40L bins. For under-counter solutions, choose our 12L integrated bins. Or, if you’re looking for a space-saving recycling solution, choose a standalone 16L or 6L bin. The 3L Sort & Go bin is perfect for collecting food waste on your kitchen counter.

Design of your Sort and Go bin

Our Sort and Go bins are available in a range of colours with a natural theme. Each shade is designed to reflect the eco-friendliness of recycling. They are also made from recyclable materials; so, at the end of their lifespan, your bins can become the recycling they’ve spent the last decades helping you sort. Every Sort and Go bin has a square base, so they fit nicely up against your wall or tucked into discrete corners.