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Bathroom & toilet

Everything for your bathroom or toilet in one place. Stylish and functional in one.


  1. Bathroom Scale ReNew, Battery Free - Soft Beige
  2. Bathroom Accessory Set ReNew, Set of 3 - Soft Beige
  3. Toilet Roll Dispenser ReNew, for 3 spare rolls - Soft Beige
  4. Soap Dispenser ReNew - Soft Beige
  5. Soap Dish ReNew - Soft Beige
  6. Bathroom Scales ReNew, battery Powered - Soft Beige
  7. Toilet Roll Holder ReNew - Soft Beige
  8. Toilet Brush and Holder ReNew- Soft Beige

Brabantia Bathroom & Toilet

Brabantia has a wide range of products for the bathroom and the toilet too. It may not be the sexiest spaces in the house, but that certainly doesn't mean they deserve less attention. Did you know that Brabantia has toilet paper holders in really fun designs? And that you can buy toilet paper holders in the nicest colours? So you can even add style to your bathroom and toilet!