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Pots and Pans

Features of Brabantia pans

Cook the perfect meal with our perfect pans. From casserole dishes to frying pans, saucepans and sauté pans, we’ve got something for every culinary journey. As with all Brabantia products, variety and choice are vast and exciting, but there are a few key advantages that all of our pans offer:

  • Three core ranges to choose from
  • Thick base for stability
  • Versatility for all oven and hob types
  • PFAS-free non-stick ceramic coating for selected products
  • Quality materials for durability
  • Easy to clean

22 Items

Set Descending Direction
  1. Tasty+ Wok Pan 30 cm, Non-Stick - Honey Yellow
  2. Tasty+ Frying Pan 24 cm, Non-Stick - Fir Green
  3. Balance Casserole 24 cm, Non-Stick - Matt Black
  4. Balance Casserole 20 cm, Non-Stick - Matt Black
  5. Indu+ Frying Pan 28 cm, Non-Stick - Light Grey
  6. Tasty+ Frying Pan 28 cm, Non-Stick - Aubergine Red
  7. Indu+ Frying Pan 24 cm, Non-Stick - Light Grey
  8. Indu+ Wok Pan 28 cm, Non-Stick - Light Grey
  9. Tasty+ Frying Pan 20 cm, Non-Stick - Terracotta Pink
  10. Indu Sauté Pan 28 cm, Non-Stick - Light Grey
  11. Tasty+ Pancake Pan 25 cm, Non-Stick - Jade Green
  12. Indu+ Sauce Pan 16 cm, Non-Stick - Light Grey
  13. Tasty+ Sauté Pan 24 cm, Non-Stick - Grape Red
  14. Indu+ Frying Pan 20 cm, Non-Stick - Light Grey
  15. Balance Sauce Pan 16 cm, Non-Stick - Matt Black
  16. Balance Frying Pan 28 cm, Non-Stick - Matt Black
  17. Indu+ Frying Pan 30 cm, Non-Stick - Light Grey
  18. Indu+ Grill Pan 26 cm, Non-Stick - Light Grey
  19. Balance Wok Pan 28 cm, Non-Stick - Matt Black
  20. Balance Frying Pan 20 cm, Non-Stick - Matt Black
  21. Balance Sauté Pan 30 cm, Non-Stick - Matt Black
  22. Balance Frying Pan 24 cm, Non-Stick - Matt Black

Fabulous frying pans

The key to cooking up a storm in the kitchen is having the right frying pan. With the Brabantia 20cm, 24cm and 28cm frying pans, you can cater for groups of any size with ease, whether you’re planning a cosy dinner at home or entertaining guests. Reliable performance is at the heart of our cooking range, which is why all of our frying pans boast a robust non-stick coating and the promise of even heat distribution. Their thick, stable base, quality aluminium form show how highly we value durability and long-life; and ensure that your frying pan is versatile enough to suit gas, electric, and induction hobs.

Super saucepans

Whether you’re whipping up a comforting soup, a fancy risotto, or reducing a refined jus, you’ll need the perfect saucepan for the job. Our range of saucepans gives you flexibility and consistent quality. As with our other types of pan, you’ll benefit from the non-stick base and suitability for all hob types. Our Balance collection pans are also suitable for oven use. The pans feature stable aluminium bases and ergonomic handles for durability and longevity. In addition, our Indu+ collection features a practical pour spout to keep kitchen mess to a minimum when you’re serving up.

Classic casserole dishes

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a hot, comforting stew or roast; and our Balance Collection includes two practical casserole dishes ensure that your comfort food hits the spot. The thick base and pair of die-cast stainless steel riveted handles add to the ease and convenience of those one-pot dinners, so you can confidently enjoy the cooking process. The high-quality induction base heats your food evenly, cutting the risk of cold centres and helping flavours infuse. The transparent lid differs from the heavy ceramic lids of many traditional casserole dishes, and, as a result, gives you a newfound ability to check your food without opening it up and letting out the heat. When it comes to serving up, the non-stick base has you covered, so you can spoon out every last morsel of flavour with no stubborn sticky bits. Choose from 2.8L and 4.5L capacities, to suit meals of all sizes. 

Sizzling sauté pans

Our sauté pans aren’t just for sautéing. Instead, you can use them for frying, roasting, baking, poaching, and everything in between, making them a crowd-pleasing all-rounder. Available in 24cm, 28cm and 30cm sizes, these pans suit your gas, electric, or induction hob, and our Balance Collection range can even be put in the oven for a slower bake. The aluminium base distributes heat evenly.. Keep an eye on your culinary creation through the transparent lid, complete with ventilation holes, and clean up quickly thanks to the non-stick coating. 

Three Innovative Pan Collections

The Brabantia range includes the versatile and innovative Indu+ range with pans that heat up with ease on any heat source, including induction. With a reliable non-stick coating, some featuring glass lids and a high-quality aluminium base, our Indu+ collection ensures 

Brabantia also offers the bold and eye-catching Tasty+ pans. The Tasty+ collection combines practicality and style. Each pan is available in a rich, on-trend colourway whilst also offering optimal cooking conditions. The sleek and colourful designs also have non-stick quick-to-heat aluminium bases for even heat distribution when cooking.

Our range also includes the Balance pan collection, designed for everyday use and optimal cooking. Each pan in this range is made from hard-wearing forced aluminium and finished with a durable non-stick coating. The Balance range makes it easy to cook anything quickly and efficiently.