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Laundry baskets, bags & bins

Got some dirty laundry? Keep it out of sight stylishly in a Brabantia laundry hamper, bin or laundry basket. Just take your pick of our beautiful bins, happy hampers, smart sorters and stylish sacks in all sizes and make laundry day a breeze.

Bag Laundry Day

Sort out your washings once and for all and boost your interior at the same time with a stylish and smart laundry bin. Brabantia laundry bins and stackable laundry boxes make separating and collecting laundry easier, and look the part too.

So whether you have a big or small family, wash a lot or just a little, we have the right laundry basket for you. Do you want a pop of colour or clean white? A natural look or sophisticated steel? Foldable, stackable, portable, or hanging? Brabantia’s got it all, and in all sizes from a petite 35 to a whopping 60 litres.

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Laundry Bin -

35 litres and 60 litres

Brabantia laundry bins make you breeze through laundry day. Their top lid keeps your dirty laundry private, and thanks to its clever Quick-Drop opening, you don’t even have to remove that to put in laundry. On washdays, take off the lid to easily remove the perfectly fitting cotton laundry bag inside. Of course all bins are corrosion free, have ventilation holes and a protective bottom ring, so they can be used anywhere in your home. Laundry at its loveliest, with a 10-year guarantee.

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55 Litre laundry bin


Get your laundry sorted once and for all. Collect and separate your laundry in the Selector Laundry Bin. This happy hamper is sturdy (backed up by a 10-year guarantee), stylish and changes daily laundry chores into domestic pleasure. The Selector Laundry Bin has a smart double Quick-Drop Lid and a removable, washable cotton laundry bag with two compartments and a handy Velcro closure. It’s two laundry bins, taking up the space of only one.

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laundry bag

Freshen up your laundry days with these great looking and super handy Laundry Bags. When closed, the sturdy textile bag has a Quick-drop opening you toss dirty laundry right in and out of sight. Has laundry day arrived? Fold the top into handles and carry your designer bag to wherever you want to empty it. Really, the only hard thing is deciding on oval or square, and colour.

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Stackable laundry boxes

Brabantia Stackable laundry boxes

Do you want more than one laundry bin, but don’t have the space for it? Brabantia sorts your problem with the Stackable Laundry Boxes. Available in various colours, so you can design your own sorting system. They’re space saving, stackable (max. 3 boxes), strong, have sturdy grips, come with a 2-year guarantee and wow, they’re hand washable too! They’re simply perfect, sure to get you into the laundry spirit!

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Foldable laundry basket

Brabantia Foldable laundry basket

The laundry basket can take on a machine load of wet or dry laundry, but takes up hardly any space itself. It folds flat in a second, is easy to clean and can also be used as a storage box for paper, or toys. Foldable and lovable, and with a 2-year guarantee!

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