Waste bins 

and pedal bins

by Brabantia

By Brabantia

Are all waste bins the same? Certainly not! Brabantia has a distinctly designed waste bin for every room, style and purpose. Brabantia pedal bin or duo waste bin, retro, sleek, a built-in waste bin, a partitioned waste bin, a tiny waste bin or one of 60 litres. The right waste bin not only makes your home, but also your life a little lovelier. Inform yourself in just a few minutes, and buy the Brabantia waste bin that really suits you!

waste bins and pedal binswaste bins and pedal bins

Select your ideal waste bin

Would you like to buy a new waste bin? Then think about what kind of opening you want. Brabantia pedal bins open easily with your foot, paper bins have no lids and the Brabantia Touch Bin opens at the slightest touch. But you can also choose to turn, push or slide the lid open. Then think about how much space you have. Need space? Our FlatBack+ waste bins fit into every corner and a built-in waste bin will only require some cupboard space. Or hang a Sort & Go waste bin on the wall. Would you like to separate your waste? The Brabantia Bo Touch Bin, Bo pedal bin and Sort & Go are double waste bins with 2 or 3 partitions and help you in separating your waste. The size is also important. Choose a little waste bin of 3 litres in the bathroom, think big and go for a 60 litre waste bin, or something in between - Brabantia has it all. Still floundering? Read our tips for choosing the right waste bin. Whatever you wishes, Brabantia has a waste bin that suits your décor and that's worth seeing. All Brabantia waste bins are hygienic, easy to use and stylish - too good to be called waste bins! They are made for recycling, but can be recycled too. And you get an extensive 10 years Brabantia guarantee on all Brabantia waste bins. For added hygiene and convenience, use Brabantia bin liners. Tailor-made for your waste bin.

Touch Bin

Would you like to buy a really handy waste bin? Go for the smart Touch Bin. Touch the lid and it opens quietly and smoothly. And everything else is easy too: opening, closing, replacing the bags, cleaning ... Your new best friend is available in all sizes (up to 60 litres), colours and finishes. Choose the Bo Touch Bin, for example, a double waste bin with 2 or 3 compartments, making it easy to separate waste!

Pedal Bin

They are true beauties, our Brabantia pedal bins, and they have brains too. You will notice this, for example, in the lid – that closes slowly and silently, thanks to the smart hinge construction. You open this waste bin with your foot, convenient and hygienic! Moreover, our pedal buckets are easy to maintain, very strong and they are available in all kinds of sizes, materials and colours. They are even available as double waste bins with 2 or 3 compartments. Perfect companions, no matter what your house looks like.

Built-in Waste Bin

Would you like to buy a waste bin that you can keep out of sight? Brabantia built-in waste bins are hiding in your (kitchen) cabinet, until you open the door. The lid of most built-in waste bins opens automatically and the extra-large opening gives you enough space to empty a rubbish scoop without having to sweep again. In addition to 10 and 15 litres builtin waste bins, there are also duo waste bins available of 2 x 12 and 2 x 16 litres. Ideal for separating waste.

Table Waste Bin

Do you like a clean table or counter top? Then a table waste bin from Brabantia will be the perfect solution for you. This waste bin is stylish, compact and easy to use. Useful for egg shells, fruit peels, coffee pods or tea bags for example. Our table waste bin can just go into the dishwasher and fits perfectly with our other products.


The FlipBin 30 litre waste bin looks good in all colours, but if you lift the lid a little bit, it will colour your day all the way. The lid continues opening on its own and ... Tadaa, a surprisingly coloured inner bin! And the coloured edge on the outside not only complements the design better, but it improves your mood too.

Push Bin

The Push Bin has a modern appearance with a touch of retro and gives each interior a nudge in the right direction! The whisper quiet lid, which you push down, keeps the smell and the sight of waste well hidden. Behind the cover, you will find a wide opening for easy disposal. A great waste bin, in many ways, since this waste bin can hold 60 litres of waste and comes with a ten years Brabantia guarantee and service. Who doesn't love that?

Flame Guard

Safety first! Our TÜV certified Flame Guard waste bins are equipped with a flame trap made of high grade steel and smother fires in the bud. If something should catch fire in the waste bin, the flame trap will shut off the oxygen supply and the fire will smother. The Brabantia Flame Guard is available in 7, 15 and 30 litres. A safe choice for office and home.

Paper Bin

Do you want a paperless office, or are you looking for a way to discreetly dump your notso-good ideas? Our Brabantia paper bins are at your service, including a smart top that keeps the content covered and bin liners in place. Choose your favourite shape and size, from 5 to 15 litres. For every room in your home, from the office to the toilet.

Slide Bin

The 5-litre Slide Bin is the perfect bathroom buddy. The lid of this handy and small waste bin slides inwards, upwards and backwards and never touches the content. Hygienic! The lid also closes discreetly, silently and automatically. The loose plastic inner bin and removable lid holder also makes the Slide bin easy to empty and clean.

Select your ideal waste bin!

Looking for a sturdy, stylish waste or pedal bin? Find and order your ideal waste bin in Brabantia's extensive collection.

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