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Waste bins and kitchen bins
by Brabantia

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A bin is just a bin? Rubbish! Brabantia has a specially designed bin for every room, style, and purpose. There’s waste bins, kitchen bins, waste paper bins, pedal bins, and of course the Brabantia Touch Bin. And the right bin will make both your home and your life a bit more beautiful. So, spending a few minutes reading up on bins surely is no wasted time.

Brabantia pedal bin waste bins


Pick your perfect bin

What type of opening would you like? Pedal bins open to a tap of your foot, paper bins have no lid at all, and the Brabantia Touch Bin opens at the touch of your fingers. But you can also choose to flip, push or even slide open the lid. Then consider how much room you have. Need space? Our FlatBack bins fit snugly against the wall, and a built-in bin just takes up cupboard space. Or pick a Sort & Go bin to hang on your wall. Do you want to separate your waste? The Brabantia Touch Bin Recycle, Twin pedal bin 2 x 20 and Sort & Go 2 x 12/16 litres help you get sorted. And of course size matters. You can splash out on a 3-litre bathroom bin, go big on an XXL bin or anything in between – Brabantia’s got it all.

Whatever bin you may choose or need, Brabantia has a model that will not only blend in with your home, but is worth showing off as well. All Brabantia bins are stylish, hygienic, and easy to use. And they’re not only made for recycling, but can be recycled too. Whatever bin you choose, you will always have an extended Brabantia Guarantee that lasts 10-years. For the most sanitary use of your bins, you can use the Brabantia bin liners. They are tailor-made to fit your Brabantia bin.

Touch Bin

Looking for a truly handy bin? Reach out to our smart Touch Bins with soft-touch opening – easy and light operation at the touch of your fingers. They really are seriously easy – to open, to change the bin liners, to clean... And your new best friend comes in plenty of sizes, colours and finishes.

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Pedal Bin

Effortlessly elegant, that’s our Pedal Bin. But it’s more than just a pretty thing – it is smart inside and out. For example, because of the clever hinge design, the lid closes slowly and silently. This beauty with a brain is also low maintenance, sturdy and comes in various sizes and sleek finishes. A bin for every room!

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The FlipBin comes in various colours to match all interiors and moods, but opening it will really lift your spirits. Flip the lid up with just one finger and watch it open smoothly all by itself. And then - wow! – an inner bucket in a surprising colour. Oh, and have you noticed the coloured rim on the outside, subtly spicing up the design?

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Push bin

The Push bin has a contemporary look with a hint of retro, pushing your kitchen interior right into the 21st century. The softly sprung access keeps the sight and smell of waste safely contained. The dampened lid is virtually silent and hides a large opening, for easy waste disposal. A grand bin in more ways than one, as it can take up to 60 litres of waste and comes with a 10-year Brabantia guarantee and service.

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Slide bin

The 5-litre Slide Bin is your perfect bathroom buddy. The lid of this neat and compact bin slides in, upwards and back, never touching the contents. How’s that for hygiene! It then closes discreetly, silently and automatically. Of course it is very easy to empty and clean, and comes with a removable plastic inner bucket and detachable lid unit.

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Sort & Go

A beautiful, space saving and smart solution for separating, collecting and transporting waste. The Sort & Go collection consists of 6, 12 and 16 litre bins in various colours. Put them on the floor, in the cupboard or countertop, hang them on the wall or not… The Sort & Go bins are made to organize waste and recycling your way.

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Flame Guard

Safety first! Our TÜV certified Flame Guard bins are fitted with a high-grade steel flame extinguisher, nipping fires in the bud. The design cuts of all oxygen supply if there is any smoke development. A safe choice for your office and home.

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Built-in bins

Want to keep your kitchen bins out of sight? Brabantia built-in bins hide inside your cupboard, until you open the door. The lid of most built-in bins opens by itself and the extra large opening gives you enough space to empty a dustpan without spilling. There are 10, and 15-litre built-in bins, and 2x10, 2x12, and 2x16 litre duos available, great for recycling.

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Paper bin

Working towards a paperless office or just looking for a way to discretely discard your lesser ideas? Our paper bins are there for you, complete with removable smart top to keep contents covered and bin liners in place. Pick your favourite form and size, ranging from 5 to 15 litres. For every room in the house, from office to bathroom.

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