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Prepare for pleasure – 60 reasons why we love cooking

Cooking for your friends or family is a great way to show your love. It’s healthy, better for the planet and it can be a very calming and beautiful ritual too. Think about it: a fridge full of beautiful fresh ingredients, veggies in vibrant colours on your chopping board, ready to be cut and magically turned into that lovely dish you planned. And all the tools you need to make your loved ones happy within reach.

Cooking is a feast to the senses, even before your first bite. Enjoy cutting your veggies on a beautiful cutting board. A well-made spatula, that fits in your hand just right. The way your fresh gnocchi looks on your skimmer, just scooped out of the boiling water. Pure beauty, to enjoy quietly by yourself or to muse over with your cooking companion.

Preparing dishes – whether you do so from recipes or from the heart - is a way to use your imagination and creativity. You are making your own, unique masterpiece with flavours and textures. Cooking is also great to relax and unwind, letting all your worries melt away like butter in a pan. And to make your affection tangible, and - even better - edible. That will not only make you happy, but everyone you invite to the table: connecting over a home-cooked meal as a family or with friends makes us feel that we belong.  A true labour of love.


In short, cooking is important for your health and happiness, and that of everyone around you. And for a task this important, it’s great to have great tools. After all, you don’t want your flow or dish ruined by struggles with blunt tools, faulty flippers and worries of damaging your pans. Believe us, we know. We are home chefs too, and we love beautiful things as much as you. That is why we’ve developed the Profile kitchen tools. Kitchen accessories in metal, nylon and wood that are not just a pretty face. The near-professional quality will please your inner chef, whilst the combination of stainless steel and nylon make for easy cooking and cleaning. Made for those who ‘live’ in the kitchen.  

Prepare for pleasure!

Get whisked away by your inner chef and choose from a complete collection of sleek & stylish kitchen utensils. From high quality spoons and openers to cutters, peelers and slicers in non-stick nylon or stylish matte steel. Hungry for more? There’s also a stylish soup ladle to tastefully stir and serve your soup, a garlic press, an ice scoop, a bottle opener, a spatula to turn and plate that fresh piece of salmon with, a melon baller, and plenty more classy kitchen utensils that will please every chef out there.

Less stress, more class

Going for a natural look? Grab those chic wooden stirrers and salad servers. Or one of the wooden chopping boards. These sustainable beechwood boards can be used on both sides and come in a stylish variety of shapes and sizes. Try the multifunctional medium board for all kitchen jobs, or get one of the specialists on board. Like the large board for vegetables, with two levels – one for chopping and one for collecting and plunging the cuts in the pan. There is a board cut out for cutting meat, with grooves to collect the juices. The bread board has grooves to catch the crumbs. Any one of them adds a lovely natural feel to your kitchen. Pure class!

Altogether, the Brabantia Profile line offers nearly 60 kitchen utensils and chopping boards in timeless metal and black or beech wood. Clear lines, pure design, and the highest quality – the new Profile kitchen tools will give you an appetite for cooking for sure!

  1. Wooden Kitchen Utensils Set of 3 - Profile
  2. Chopping Board Set Set of 3, for vegetables, bread & meat - Profile
  3. Chopping Board Medium - Profile
  4. Whisk Small - Profile
  5. Spaghetti Spoon Non-Stick - Profile
  6. Knife Block Wood - Profile
  7. Garlic Press Profile
  8. Can Opener Profile