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by Brabantia

Ironing boards that last! Extremely sturdy, therefore deserving of the name ironing table.

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Ironing Boards

Life is beautiful! We believe in enjoying every single moment of it, laundry days included. So we put our heart in designing beautiful ironing boards and ironing board covers that make ironing time more like me-time. Just put some music on, and iron - and drift - away

There’s a Brabantia ironing board for everyone, whether you only iron once in a while or you’re a heavy user. With more than 30 different kinds of ironing boards, or ironing tables as we also call them, we definitely have one fitting your needs and your favourite ironing system. Trouble choosing? Use the chart below to iron out the kinks in your decision process!

* Did you know ironing burns more than 100 Calories per hour?

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Brabantia has ironing boards in 4 different sizes, from S (compact) up to D (most ergonomic). The larger the board, the lesser you will have to move your clothing to iron it.

Buy your size S ironing board | 95x30 cm
Buy your size A ironing board | 110x30 cm
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Buy your size D ironing board | 135x45 cm


Some boards have smaller iron holder than others, so look for the board that fits your system. Steam iron units require more space than regular (steam) irons.

Buy an ironing board that is most suitable for a (steam) iron
Buy an ironing board that is most suitable for a steam unit


Heavy user of steam? The SteamControl ironing board has a waterproof ironing surface with AquaBowl for easy tapping of the condensed steam. Or use a PerfectFlow ironing board cover with special 3D textile technology for enhanced steam flow and faster ironing. Steam on!

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The height of your ironing board is very important to prevent back problems, especially if you iron a lot. That’s why all Brabantia ironing boards are adjustable in height; the minimum and maximum height vary per model. The Premium Comfort model D is even suitable for ironing sitting down.

Buy your ironing board for ironing sitting down


You don’t want your ironing board collapsing by accident or because of children pulling the lever. That’s why our ironing boards A, B and C have an integrated safety lock. Boards type D have a special red rubber ball to prevent collapsing.


A Brabantia ironing board is designed to make ironing easier. That’s why we use 100% steam-permeable materials, and covers made with cotton padding and a resilient foam layer. This way the pressure is on the creases, not on you!


If you’re looking for additional working space when ironing, ironing boards with a linen rack might be a solution. Ideal for piling up (and admiring) those neatly ironed shirts!

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Moving is for surfboards, not ironing boards. That’s why ironing boards by Brabantia have protective non-slip caps, to prevent sliding and scratching your flooring.


If you want to buy a new ironing board every year, you can. But you don’t have to: all Brabantia ironing boards are sturdy and have a 10-year guarantee. So you just have to buy one of our pretty new ironing board covers once in a while.

Pick your iron holder


Steam iron rest

Our most basic iron holder is perfect to park both steam irons and regular irons. It is made from stainless or lacquered steel, and is suited for irons with a maximum size of 150mm.

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Steam iron rest “Solid”

Thanks to its opening, this iron holder in stainless or lacquered steel suits both regular and steam irons. If they’re no bigger 150mm, that is.

Buy your ironing board with (solid) steam iron rest

Steam unit holder “Solid”

This solid steam unit holder is strong enough to hold steam units with a maximum size of 270 x 170 mm. Do you want it in stainless steel or with a lacquered surface?

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Steam unit and iron holder “Foldable”

This versatile holder is suitable for all popular steam units (max 360 x 190 mm) and irons with a maximum size of 130mm. You can even fold it in for easy storing.

Buy your ironing board with foldable steam unit holder

Heat resistant iron parking zone

This free parking-zone for your iron is integrated in your ironing board cover, and suitable for both steam units, and steam irons.

Buy your ironing board with heat resistant parking zone

Silicone pad

The silicon heat pad is a mobile parking place for your hot iron, and is suitable for regular, and steam irons. This hot item is available in several different shapes and sizes.

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Ironing Blanket

Great for all quick ironing or pressing jobs. The 65 x 120 cm Ironing Blanket makes ironing easier. Fold it out wherever you want and – voila! – an instant ironing board. The thick, 6-layer blanket is ideal for steam ironing, protects the surface beneath from heat and moisture and stays firmly in place thanks to its non-slip base.

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