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Organise waste your way.

You probably don’t want to waste any time thinking about
waste disposal. That’s why we have thought up Sort & Go.
A beautiful, space saving and smart solution for separating,
collecting and transporting waste.

Anywhere, anytime.

All Sort & Go bins can easily be combined. All you need to set up, is your own system for storing and sorting different types of waste. Feed your empty packaging, bottles and cans, and anything else you want sorted to your Sort & Go bin.

The Sort & Go bins fit in any corner or flat to the wall. The large handle and smart grip at the bottom of every bin make emptying it easy as dirt. Happy organizing!

Sort & Go family. 

The Sort & Go Recycle Bins come in 7 sizes, and 4 colours. The 3-litre and equally cute 6-litre bin with stay-open lid are perfect for disposal of organic waste right on the kitchen counter. You can use the 12- and 16-litre bins for bottles, cans, packaging or anything else you want sorted. You can easily hang the 6, 12 and 16 litre Sort & Go Bin to the wall.

The new stackable 20-litre bin is perfect for building your ow recycling system, with a 25- or 40-litre bin on top of it. And, there’s the built-in version too, with 2 x 12 or 2 x 16 litre for waste separation. 

Which one is your favourite?


Also available as built-in model

Wall bracket included

Max carrying weight

Matching PerfectFit bags

Matching PerfectFit bags, compostable

Cradle-to-Cradle certified, silver level

Bin liner code

Dimensions (W x D x H)






A, 3L

W 188 mm
D 139 mm
H 181 mm




S, 6L

W 200 mm
D 249 mm
H 181 mm




C, 10-12L

W 200 mm
D 249 mm
H 351 mm





D, 15-20L

W 200 mm
D 269 mm
H 401 mm








W mm
D mm
H mm






J, 20-25L

W 268 mm
D 345 mm
H 401 mm






L, 40-45L

W 268 mm
D 345 mm
H 620 mm