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PerfectFit bin bags Code D.

No more bin bags? Order new ones now! Brabantia PerfectFit bin bags are perfect for your Brabantia waste bin, and made to make life easier. So, they are extra strong and also have an extra-strong pull strap closure. Simply use it to lift the bag out of the bin and tie the bag close with it.

Assortment of bin bags code D

  1. PerfectFit Bin Bags Code D (15-20 litre), 6 Rolls with 20 Bags
  2. PerfectFit Bags Code D (15-20 litre), Dispenser Pack with 40 Bags
  3. PerfectFit Bin Bags Code D (15-20 litre), Roll with 10 Bags

Did you know,

you can see on the inside of your Brabantia waste bin what size bin bag you need? Thus, you never have to doubt again. You will find a coloured code with a letter on the inside of your Brabantia waste bin. This letter is associated with a certain size waste bag. Buy the bin bags with the same colour/letter, then you are guaranteed to have the right ones.

Packaging that suits you. 

The PerfectFit bin bags code D are available on a roll, or in a convenient dispenser packaging. The choice is yours. Whatever you find easy. The dispenser packaging works like a tissue packaging. You just take a new bin bag and pull it out, just like that. And you just unroll the waste bags on a roll. They're not attached.

How long can you use one bin bag? That depends on your situation, but a consumer uses two bags per week on average. In this case, a 10-pack should be enough for one month, a 40-pack for four months and 10×20 rolls will last about 20 months.

Benefits & features.

✔ Fits perfectly - tailor-made for Brabantia waste bins.
✔ Tear proof - made of extra strong plastic.
✔ Invisible - waste bag is invisible when the lid is closed.
✔ Easy to close and carry - convenient pull strap closure.
✔ Trouble-free changing - special vents, so it doesn't create a vacuum.

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