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How do you create a luxury home spa?

Are you busy taking care of others? Make space for me-time too! Doing something for yourself is good for you, so you should make room in your life for things that make you happy. The Bathroom is the perfect place to start! Starting your day in a beautiful bathroom gives you a positive mindset for the day – and after a long day, a nice bath or shower is just what you need to relax your mind.  Brabantia will help you give your bathroom the ultimate spa treatment! With luxurious accessories in soothing colours and with these clever tips, you can create a retreat in your own home.

Tips & trends for your own luxury home spa

To successfully create a clean design with a luxurious look and feel, colours and textures are important. Style is key to creating atmosphere in the home and often trends will reflect this too; with the right colours, shapes, materials and products, you can create mood and transform any room into a wonderful place to relax. Check out the new trends we use: 

  • Colour: Cool black, shades of grey and white create a clean feel. Our MindSet collection has items in timeless Mineral Fresh White and Mineral Infinite Grey. White is of course the colour of freshness and purity, keeping your bathroom feeling stylish with an orderly touch. Its counterpart, Mineral Grey, is strong but elegant and has a luxurious feel. What’s more, it goes well in minimalist and contemporary Scandinavian spaces, but also in classic and rural bathrooms. These colours from our MindSet collection are easy to combine with contrasting natural tones and also work great with accent colours. We love beautiful accent blues, whether it’s crisp light blue or even a bright popping blue.
  • Form & Materials: Marble and wood, as well as metallic or high gloss surfaces work beautifully with the powdery textured lacquer of the MindSet collection. Contrast is key.
  • Furniture & Products: Minimalist – floating, seamless, handle-free.

Spa equipment

The big advantage of having a spa or retreat in your own home is that you can use it any time you want and can roll right into bed afterwards. And it doesn't take a giant bathroom to do it. Brabantia helps you turn your bathroom into a home spa with its new luxurious MindSet Collection.  Here's how:
1 Make it beautiful

A Spa should be a feast for all your senses. So, grab your softest towels and put on your fancy bathrobe; make sure your bathroom is nice and warm and leave the light off, lighting scented candles instead. Maybe even put on some music and grab yourself a nice drink. The MindSet collection is aesthetically pleasing too! Our powdery metal bathroom accessories are sleek and stylish, providing the ultimate hotel feeling. Combine them with our handy waste bins and laundry baskets for an orderly bathroom. Tidy bathroom, tidy mind.

  1. MindSet Toilet Accessory Set of 3 Mineral Fresh White
  2. MindSet Towel Rail Mineral Fresh White
  3. MindSet Bathroom Mirror Mineral Fresh White
  4. MindSet Soap Dispenser Mineral Fresh White

2 Get organised

Losing things is stressful. So why not make sure everything is organized in advance? Starting with your bathroom routine. Keep everything tidy using the items in the MindSet collection, such as our Shower Shelf, where you can store the likes of shower gel, your scrub glove, hair products and maybe even a face mask. In fact, face masks are rather relaxing… why not make one? Mix 1 tablespoon of yoghurt, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of cocoa together. Or, make a mask with green tea – it is purifying and anti-inflammatory! Cut open two green tea bags and mix the contents with 3 tablespoons of honey and a little water to form a soft mask. (A blender or stand mixer is very handy for this.) Next, apply a thick layer to your face and leave for about 15 minutes. Finally, rinse your face well with lukewarm water or of course, take a relaxing shower!

3 Arrange your rest

Make sure you are not disturbed. It's time to really enjoy yourself and cut yourself off from the info-overkill and life’s daily demands. Block some time out- an hour for example. Lock the door, leave your phone outside the bathroom (and put it on silent) and take a magazine or book instead. If you put on some music, you won't hear the sounds from the rest of the house. It's so relaxing.
4 Enjoy!

The time has come! Your spa is ready. Take a nice bath or shower with with your favourite shower gel or scrub. Pamper yourself with a mask, do your nails, read a book.
5 Enjoy

Bathered up? Wrap a nice soft towel or sauna towel and gently pat your skin dry. Then apply your best cream from head to toe. Then put on your bathrobe and curl up on the sofa or in your bed. Hey, nice!

Tip: the toilet Butler 
The MindSet Toilet Butler is your ideal bathroom assistant. It fits on your phone, keeps the toilet roll at hand and the toilet brush too. Discreet, helpful and he looks good, this butler is an absolute must!

Must-have shopping items for your own home spa

  • Check out the MindSet bathroom collection with toiletries and bathroom accessories such as soap dishes, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, towel hooks and a mirror with 5X magnification;
  • Organise your shower in one piece with the sleek Brabantia MindSet Shower Shelf with squeegee. This sleek shelf can hold up to 2kg and includes a small wiper for quick drying.
  • Buy a complete series to instantly create that one cohesive style;
  • Choose an item in the trending colours, like our ‘Soft Beige’ NewIcon pedal bin, in 3 or 5 litres.
  • Go for a dark, modern laundry basket or bag with a sleek design

  1. MindSet Towel Hooks set of 2 - Mineral Infinite Grey
  2. MindSet Bathroom Waste Caddy Dark Grey
  3. MindSet Soap Dish Mineral Infinite Grey
  4. MindSet Storage Pot Mineral Infinite Grey
  5. MindSet Toilet Roll Holder Mineral Infinite Grey