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4 tips: more conscious use of clothing

Four influencers were instructed to dress stylishly for 20 days with just 20 clothing items. Aided by the handy Linn clothes rack, the fashionistas took up the challenge, and are now sharing tips on how to use clothing with more awareness.


The step from fast fashion to sustainable fashion often turns out to be a big one in practice. A simple step to make your wardrobe more sustainable is to put together a capsule wardrobe. This means consciously choosing a few essentials that combine well with each other. Hang them on a clothes rack - the Brabania Linn is just perfect - so it's easy to keep an overview. But how do you put together a capsule wardrobe? Four influencers - Shauny Cupers, Ruth van Soom, Eline Reynders and Annelies Hellem - give their tips.

1. Go for neutral colours

Shauny Cupers: "Don't wear clothes that are too striking, but instead opt for neutral tones. For example, it is not that obvious if you wear the same dress to a party as on a weekday. And try to have as many types of clothing items as possible in your capsule wardrobe: T-shirt, dress, skirt, pair of trousers, pair of heels, pair of sneakers, etc."

2. Choose basics that combine easily

Ruth Van Soom: "Think carefully about your wardrobe essentials. What do you wear often? For what occasion? What can you easily combine with what? Think about the weather too. A good raincoat and winter coat that you can wear over everything is a must. I‘m enjoying the challenge so far, and it saves me a lot of time in the morning."

Choose for neutral shades

3. Start with ‘small is beautiful‘

Eline Reynders: "Actually, a traditional capsule wardrobe consists of 33 pieces which should get you through an entire season. But you can make the challenge a little easier by starting with 20 pieces of clothing. By starting small, you soon find out if it's something for you. Start smart by separating your capsule wardrobe from your traditional wardrobe. This way you avoid the temptation to pick other items of clothing and the system remains clear.


Good preparation really is everything. So be sure to take your time to think about possible combinations and different occasions. This way it remains interesting and fun for yourself and the people who see you every day!" After a week, Eline said that she was still satisfied with her selection: "Only a few pieces, but sufficiently combinable so that it doesn't seem as if I am wearing the same thing all the time"

4. Feel good in what you're wearing

Annelies Hellem: "Select pieces you feel 100% comfortable in. A capsule collection is limited, which is why it's important that you wear every item of clothing with great pleasure. My first outfit is a casual chic work look. So I'm all set for my meetings! I have a good overview of my new capsule wardrobe by hanging all the clothes on the Linn."

No fashion police will be coming round to see if you keep to the number of clothing items in your capsule wardrobe. Of course it has to stay fun and it shouldn't bring on any stress. Life is too short to wear boring clothes, so wear what makes you happy and fill your minimalistic wardrobe how you like. Don't be too hard on yourself and see what works for you! 


So is one of these capsule wardrobes something for you?