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Washing bag

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  1. Sneaker Wash Bag White
  2. Sock Wash Bag White
    Available in 2 colors
  3. Sock Wash Bag Black
    Available in 2 colors
  4. Wash Bags Set of 3
    Available in 2 colors
  5. Bra Wash Bag White
    Available in 2 colors
  6. Bra Wash Bag Black
    Available in 2 colors
  7. Wash Bags Set of 3
    Available in 2 colors

Protect your Delicates with Washing Bags from Brabantia

There’s nothing worse than your favourite clothes being ruined in the washing machine. Avoid this ever happening again with the Brabantia range of washing bags, designed to keep your delicates safe and protected in mixed washes and loads. The Brabantia range of laundry bags for washing machines offers:

  • A safe, protected laundry net bag for lingerie and other delicates
  • Options for avoiding lost socks and other small laundry items
  • Dryer bags to protect items in your tumble dryer
  • Long warranties available on all products

Make Laundry Easier With Brabantia Drying Bags

Make laundry simple with Brabantia drying bags for your laundry. Dryer bags for clothes make it easy to combine different items in your tumble dryer, even at high temperatures. Many dryer bags for delicates are made from strong hard wearing mesh, designed to withstand high temperatures and keep your clothes protected from damage as they dry. Always check the label but enjoy added peace of mind with Brabantia tumble dryer bags. You can also keep your laundry organised and to hand with our range of laundry bins.

Simply Sort Your Laundry With Large Washing Bags

Keeping items separate and organised inside your washing machine is easy with large washing bags. Brabantia has a range of washing bags in different sizes to suit your needs. Socks and lingerie may be perfect in a small laundry bag while large items can be kept separate in larger bags. Once washed, you can simply whip your laundry out of the bag and hang it on your drying rack. Clothes can be washed and ready to wear in a few short hours.

Better Protection with Brabantia Delicates Washing Bags

Plenty of us have delicate and precious clothing items we don’t want to ruin in the washing machine. Lingerie and silk items may need a little extra care and the Brabantia delicates wash bag range ensures you don’t have to worry. Our range includes bra wash bags and purpose-designed laundry bags that protect fine garments while they’re in the washing machine.

Never Lose Another Sock with Laundry Net Bags

It’s no laughing matter how many pairs of socks go missing every year! Invest in a socks washing bag from Brabantia and benefit from no more missing socks. Convenient and easy to use laundry net bags are perfect for keeping socks together and avoiding any more odd sock days! Once washed, simply empty the sock laundry bag and dry them ready for wear. Our range of laundry accessories also includes clothing pegs, airers and all you need to get your socks (and other garments) ready to wear.

Protect your Kicks with Brabantia Trainer Washing Bags

It’s more common than it used to be to wash trainers and shoes in the washing machine. Many are designed for machine washing but it still pays to treat them carefully. The Brabantia washing bag for sneakers protects the shoes in the machine whilst they get thoroughly cleaned. Protective and sturdy trainer wash bags from Brabantia make it easy to get your favourite kicks back to their best.