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Door steam blanket

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  1. Door Steam Blanket Grey

Always Ready to Steam

The Linn collection from Brabantia makes it easy to steam your clothes, and our Door Steam Blanket is a versatile addition to any home, making steaming clothes easy wherever you live. Our Door Steam Blanket features:

  • Ergonomic straps to allow for easy steaming whatever your height.
  • Flexible hanging loops so you can steam your garment completely.
  • A protective non-permeable layer stopping your door from getting wet.
  • A foldable compact design for easy storage


Use your doors for steaming clothes

Steaming clothes could not be easier than with the Brabantia door steaming blanket. Steaming clothes at home means you can avoid dry cleaning costs and your clothes can be crease free and fully refreshed. Our steam blanket is large in size and can be conveniently hung over almost any door, making steaming easier than ever before.


Versatile steam blanket design

The Brabantia door steam blanket is packed with clever design features to make it as versatile and convenient as possible. It features adjustable straps to position it ideally for your height, 3 loops for hanging clothes onto the blanket and a protective non-permeable layer so your door is protected from heat and moisture.


Collapsible steam blanket for easy storage

With a convenient collapsible design, our foldable steam blanket can be easily stored away when not in use. Its compact size when folded means you can easily pop it in a drawer or cupboard until you next need it.

Practical steaming with the Brabantia door steam blanket

The Brabantia door steam blanket is ideal for any home as it attaches to practically any door. It is also suitably large for a range of garments, measuring 50 x 100cm, meaning most garments can be easily steamed or dry cleaned as the blanket protects your door.


Brabantia represents durability and quality. That's why we give you a 5-year guarantee on this product. Thus, we not only offer a smart solution for you, but for the planet too.