Delightfully doing the dishes.

New SinkSide products by Brabantia

Even when you have a dishwasher, there are still dishes to be done by hand. Did you know that 70% of people in Belgium (Flanders), UK and Spain wash up (almost) every day? And almost 21% actually love doing so! Brabantia feeds the love with two new ultra-handy Foldable Dish Racks in Dark Grey and Light Grey and a soft silicone Sink Mat in Dark Grey, available from April.

Drip and dry
The dishes don’t wash themselves – but they do dry naturally! Just leave them on the new Foldable Dish Rack with drip-tray and let nature do the work. The large one happily holds up to 17 plates, has two removable cutlery baskets and hanging space for 4 wineglasses. The regular sized rack has one cutlery basket and can hold up to 13 plates. Both have a loose drip-tray that prevents your worktop from getting wet and has handy ribs to enable air flow. The basket(s) for drying cutlery and utensils are removable, making it easy to tidy away your cutlery and the rack itself. Really smart racks, beautiful enough to have a permanent spot in your kitchen, but also very compact to fold away. Drying in style with a 5-year guarantee and service.

“Our SinkSide story started in 2018 – and luckily it is a real success story, not a soap. People all over the world love doing the dishes more with these beautiful and handy items.” - Tara Kusters, category manager at Brabantia.“Ons SinkSide-verhaal begon in 2018 - gelukkig is het een echt succesverhaal geworden en geen soap. Mensen overal ter wereld genieten meer van de afwas met deze mooie en handige items." - Tara Kusters, Category Manager bij Brabantia.

Soft landings
The soft silicone Sink Mat protects your dishes against scratching, chipping and slipping. It has suction cups to make it stick to your sink and can extend to fit sinks from 30 to 45 cm wide. On the countertop, it can also be a coaster for hot pans and oven dishes (up to 220 °C). And it is a great drying mat too, letting air and water flow! A multi-talent in stylish Dark Grey, with a 5-year guarantee.

Brabantia’s new SinkSide products can be bought from April 2021. For details, please contact our sales department or visit Brabantia’s website