Making the world more beautiful

Brabantia sponsors The Hunger Project

As a family business, Brabantia feels strongly about past and future generations. From its start in 1919, the leading interior design brand has always believed in creating good products and doing good. The company’s drive to make the world more beautiful now leads to a new partnership with The Hunger Project.

Kindred souls
Brabantia wants to make the world more beautiful for the people in it. That means making beautiful products that make daily chores delightful. But it also means being sustainable every step of the way. And supporting people and organizations in making a difference in the world. Like WeForest, The Ocean Cleanup, Plastic Whale, and now The Hunger Project, a global non-profit organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger by 2030. This ambitious goal is achieved through training and investing in women and men living in rural villages in Africa, South Asia and Latin America. In programs in 16,000 communities people set a vision for their communities, and then lay out the actions they will take to achieve that. 

One jar = one training
Brabantia is a proud sponsor of The Hunger Project. The partnership starts with the introduction of 1.3 litre carafe shaped plastic Storage Jars and two 1 litre Glass Storage Jars with measuring cup. For every storage jar sold, Brabantia supports The Hunger Project by funding the training of one person. The jars also help reduce food waste, keeping food fresh for longer and showing the right quantity to prepare.

‘We want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem’, Brabantia CEO Tijn van Elderen says. ‘That means using the newest techniques and insights. And thinking really hard about the choices we make, and their impact on people, planet and profit. We plant trees, help clean up the oceans and end hunger, and want to be 100% recyclable as a company within the next generation. We have to, because we want to leave a beautiful world to our children and their children.’

Brabantia Storage Jars with measuring cup are available from July 2017.

Notes to Editor:

The Hunger Project believes who live in hunger are not the problem – they are the solution. “We don’t see a billion mouths to feed, we see a billion human beings who are resilient and enterprising. The work, therefore, is to unlock their capacity, creativity and leadership, so they can end their own hunger. That’s what we do.” The Hunger Project works to break the cycle of poverty in Africa, Asia and Latin-America.

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