Sink buddies

Brabantia brings new Sink Side products

Make doing the dishes quality time, instead of a frantic search for all tools. Wash up together and keep it together with the seven new Brabantia Sink Side items (a Dish Squeegee, In-sink Organiser, Soap Dispenser, Sink Organiser Set, Soap Dispensing Dish Brush, and Washing Up Bowl with Drying Tray) everything you need is right where it should be. This great set in Light Grey, Dark Grey, and Mint, is available from April.

Swept away

This Dish Squeegee in Dark Grey helps to clean leftovers from dishes and pans straight into the bin or onto the compost heap, before washing up. Keeping your water cleaner for longer and much more fun than picking soggy leftovers from the sink afterwards. The shape also makes it perfect for sweeping clean your countertop or sink. Durable, easy to clean and with a 5-year guarantee!

Soapy brush

A sturdy buddy for quick washing-up tasks. The Soap Dispensing Dish Brush in classy Dark or Light Grey has its own liquid reservoir. No more fumbling with big bottles of washing-up liquid when your hands are wet. Just grab the brush and get to work. This scrubbing power in the palm of your hand comes with a little tray for storage, to keep water off your countertop. It is easy to refill and Brabantia also has replacement brushes available.

Stick to organising

Want an organised countertop? This In-Sink organiser is totally in sync with your needs. Just stick it in your sink to hold your sponges, cloths and squeegee out of the way, but close. Handy holes allow for excess water to drain. And its little rail is perfect for hanging the dishcloth out to dry. In Dark Grey or Light Grey, you get a 5-year guarantee.

Wash & Carry

This versatile bowl is the perfect companion for washing-up duty. Take of the tray to use it as a drying mat, and put it back on when you are done washing up to hide your brush, sponge and washing up liquid from sight. This gem of a bowl is easy to carry by its large rim, and easy to pour. Basin bliss in Dark and Light Grey!

Make it a set

Keep your worktop clean and neat with this Sink Organiser Set in Dark Grey! A smart Sink Organiser with separate non-skid drip tray and enough room for your sponges, cloths and dish brush plus a Soap Dispenser. It holds 250 ml of your favourite soap or washing-up liquid, never drips and is operable with only one hand. The soap dispenser - also sold separately - perfectly fits the organiser, in style too. Ready… Set… Go!


 “Doing the dishes is just a daily chore, you say? Our Sink Side products can make it a ritual – a beautiful ritual even.” - Tara Kusters, category manager at Brabantia.

Brabantia Sink Side products can be bought from April 2020. For details, please contact our sales department or visit Brabantia’s website