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Cool! 2 million trees.

Brabantia and WeForest help cool the planet by planting 2 million trees

Great green news: Brabantia and WeForest passed the milestone of 2 million trees planted in Africa’s degraded lands. Brabantia teamed up with WeForest back in 2014 as part of its Love Nature Campaign, planting 2,286,431 trees for drying racks and rotary dryers sold already. Brabantia CEO Tijn van Elderen said: “Planting trees with WeForest is a great way to help the planet. Just like drying your laundry naturally.”

Enjoy the doing – and the drying
Hanging out the laundry to dry instead of turning on the tumble-dryer is a small action that makes a big difference to the world. Drying naturally is kind to the environment, but to your clothes and your wallet as well. Extra perk: when you dry your laundry on a Brabantia rotary dryer or drying rack, you also help add new trees to Africa’s degraded lands. Because Brabantia sponsors WeForest for rotary dryers and drying racks sold. More info:

Good for the climate and people
WeForest plants bio-diverse forests in tropical countries all over the world, helping to cool the climate, and to provide jobs. The NGO has planted over 2,2 million trees for Brabantia in Ethiopa’s Amhara and Desa’a regions and in Burkina Faso. The trees keep the fertile soil in place, they provide employment and will soon feed people, because WeForest also plants fruit and wood trees on farms. That’s the power of green!

Facts and figures:

  • 2,286,431 trees growing
    - Ethiopia Amhara – 1,891,019
    - Ethiopia Desa’a - 95,412
    - Burkino Faso - 300,000
  • 2,005 hectares of forest under restoration – 1,809 football pitches
  • A potential of more than 122,000 tonnes of CO2 removed from the atmosphere – over a 50-year period
  • More income for 4,659 beneficiaries in 16 villages

Working towards 100% circular design
Next to sponsoring WeForest, Brabantia is moving step by step towards 100% circular design – a goal the company plans to achieve in 15 years. This green goal is actually divided into six other goals: 100% material health, 100% of production waste recycled, 100% use of renewable energy, 100% clean wastewater, 100% recycled/biobased material and 100% recyclable products. With more than 1.000 products with a Cradle-to-Cradle Certificate already, Brabantia is well underway with the latter two. And with scores over 90%, the company is doing pretty good on the other goals too. Check out the latest figures on

Rallying the global tree planting movement, WeForest is an international non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable re-forestation. In the Sahel, in the Northeast of Burkina Faso, WeForest contributes to replanting the native forest and reverse the decline in biodiversity affecting the ‘Partial faunal reserve of Ansongo-Menaka’, whilst promoting a sustainable local economy.

The project aims to protect this highly vulnerable region of the Burkina Faso Sahel from further degradation and impacts of climate change.

The objectives are to:
• Support biodiversity of both plant and animal species
• Restore the local water cycle and bring clouds back to the region
• Develop local awareness of sustainable use and management of natural resources
• Promote the local economy while focusing on women’s financial empowerment and children’s education /]

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