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Are you over wrinkles, but not a fan of ironing? Steam your clothes! It's easier, softer on your clothes, and you're less likely to get shiny fabric and damage prints. 

Easy-peasy steaming.

Airing and steaming your clothes saves washing, time and space. Steaming is also ideal for dewrinkling delicate clothing. And we now make it easier and more stylish too with the new Brabantia Refresh & Steam Collection: laundry accessories that help you to put the pressure on pesky wrinkles and smells. A complete collection for airing and pressure-steaming.

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Hang it, air it, flaunt it, steam it.

Steaming clothes gets rid of pesky wrinkles and takes less time and space than ironing. And with the Brabantia steaming accessoires you steam even faster and easier. It helps you put pressure on the creases, for better results. 

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Hooked on the best steaming result.

Discover the Brabantia Steam Blanket, Foldable Steamingboard, Steam Hanger and Linn Steam Board. All steaming accessories that help you to put the pressure on pesky wrinkles and smells – no ironing board needed.

All with a 2-year guarantee and the Linn Steam Board even comes with a 5-year guarantee. 

Air out your style.

Organise your clothes beautifully with Linn Clothes Rack Compact or the Linn Dressboy. Space-saving, stylish and ideal for your hallway, bathroom or bedroom.

Both with a step-by-step manual, fixing materials and tool, and a 5-year guarantee and service. 

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