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Help and advice when choosing. 

Which ironing board is best? And which ironing board cover? Will the Linn fit in my house? Which dryer is ideal, and what is the perfect Bo for your household? You can find out with our online (selection) aids! Check out our ironing board assistant, cover selection assistant, rotary clothes-line table and Bo generator.

Will it fit or not?

Size is sometimes difficult to assess in a photo, and you're not really interested in buying a dud. With our selection aid, you can easily find the right size and the perfectly fitting accessories with your Brabantia product. The pictures of our waste bins, using a model, also indicate the actual size of the waste bins. This helps you to get a better idea whether the product is too small, too big or just big enough.

Too much choice or no obvious difference?   

There is no need to stress about choosing when looking for the ideal Brabantia product. You can filter by category, size, colour or layout in our online store. Operation and confirmation will also help you step by step towards your favourite item.

But what does it look like in real life?

If you have an iPhone 6S or higher, you can see the colour and size of Bo and Linn in your own home!

Nice, those pictures. But will the Bo Touch Bin Hi fit in against that kitchen cabinet? Is the colour a good contrast or will it clash? And will the Linn clothing rack fit in your own hallway or bedroom? With AR, you can position Bo or Linn in your interior. On your screen, of course. With the 3D view, you can view it from all sides. If it doesn't look good, you just move it to another place. Just like real.

On an iPhone 6 or later, when designing the product, you'll see a circle with a 3D square. That's the button to turn on AR view. Basically, the AR app points itself: If you tap the square, the model opens in 3D. Choose AR and move your phone slowly through the space. As soon as there is a suitable spot, the product will appear. With your fingers, you can move it in the space. So you can see how it fits. Creative photos are also possible!