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From then, to now.

Since 1919, our smart and durable products and beautiful prints have brightened up millions of homes and lives. That's been the case for more than 100 years. We take a look back in time. And extra fun; we end up with a digital (worldwide) museum with all our old products, in people's homes!


Brabantia was founded in 1919 in the Dutch town of Aalst by a group of 15 people. A family business pur sang. Then and now. With a firm belief in honest products, made by people with a passion for quality. Ideas focused on sustainability – designed for living.

We started as Van Elderen & Co in Aalst, the Netherlands, with the production of milk cans, jugs, sieves and funnels.


We expanded our production with radio housings for Philips.


After the war, we made cups from old 'condensed milk' cans. Even then, we were already recycling. The picture shows the men at work in the factory.


Our founders with a selection of our star products, including the Brabantia kitchen ladder, ironing chair, side table, ironing table and storage canister. Many of these products have now left our range, but the ironing table we now call an ironing board, and the storage canisters have taken on slightly different shapes.


A milestone - we launch our first range of pedal bins.


An early example of a progressive ad. The ironing board, ironing chair and sleeve board are presented. You can also see our old logo! 


In 1969, our (still) iconic Patrice print was introduced. You'll still frequently come across the print at friends' or family's homes. The print is also a regular feature in our digital museum.


Introducing our famous Classic corkscrew. We've sold millions of them to date.


Our first Touch Bin waste bins. The Touch closure is completely new. Many people are familiar with our Touch Bin waste bins. Lots of copies have been sold, worldwide!


Introducing the WallFix wall dryer. This is the first clothesline that you attach to the wall. However, the name wall dryer is better, because the dryer does not rotate. So the rotary effect of the clothesline is gone. The WallFix wall dryer is a true innovation!


Our new vision is launched: Designed for living. Designed for living is all about beautifully designed product concepts for pleasant living and giving. In 2014, we also received our first Cradle to Cradle certificate.


We love our planet! Brabantia becomes an official WeForest partner. Buy a clothesline, and we'll plant more trees!


We became proud sponsors of The Ocean Cleanup, until 2020.


We have lift-off! Introducing the Bo Touch Bin. This is our first pedestal waste bin. This bin has the same lid as the Touch Bin introduced in 1999, but in a new, different shape.


We celebrate our 100th anniversary! Great-grandfather van Elderen made his first milk jugs and colanders in his small factory in Aalst in 1919. He could never have dreamt that he would lay the foundations for the universally loved 'house brand' of today.


Silver Cradle-to-Cradle® certification for Brabantia's StepUp and Sort & Go bins! The Cradle to Cradle Institute assesses products on material quality, material recycling, the use of renewable energy and carbon management, water management and social justice. More than 1,000 of our products have also been awarded Bronze or Silver Cradle to Cradle certification. 

In 2020, we also acquired the brand Lékué. Lékué offers innovative food enjoyment and 'on the go' products. 


June 2022 saw the opening of B.Home, Brabantia's new sustainable headquarters in Valkenswaard. 


Official B Corp certification for Brabantia from 2023. B Corps (an abbreviation of 'Benefit Corporations') are companies recognised for their positive impact on people and the environment. This certification is an incredible recognition and is in line with Brabantia's goal of moving towards 100% circular design by 2035.

A little from way back then... 

Over the years, we have added various products to our range. But we have also removed some from our range again. The products we no longer have in our range can still - after many years - be found in people's homes. Now that's great! We collect the photos we see of them. For our digital (worldwide) museum ;-).

Here, you will only find products that we no longer produce and sell. You'll come across kitchen ladders, Patrice prints, ironing chairs, floor mops and safe deposit boxes, to name a few.