Colour your world.

Colour makes your day. And your days should be beautiful. Redoing your kitchen? Don’t think DIY, think dye! A dash of different colours can make a world of difference. And with Brabantia, you don’t even have to take out a paintbrush for it.

Glam it up.

Colour is emotion made visible. It conveys messages, evokes feelings, and can add brilliance to everyday things and chores. A calm palette brings harmony and inner peace.

Feel the glamour of Champagne in every day activities. Champagne brings a sense of luxury and energy to your home. It is especially beautiful in dark-coloured bathrooms and rooms. Then the Champagne really pops. It brings energy, like a sunbeam.

Touch Bin New 30 litre - Champagne
Bo Touch Bin 11 + 23 litre - Champagne
Window Canister 1.4 litre - Champagne
Pedal Bin newIcon 12 litre - Champagne
Touch Bin 3 litre - Champagne
Pedal Bin newIcon 5 litre - Champagne
Roll Top Bread Bin Champagne
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Do you prefere a touch of nature?

We even feel better when in the presence of the right colour. Pink brings soft strength, and green immediately lets you think of lush green of grass, trees, and forests. It is thought to relieve stress and help heal.

Try Pine Green for a fresh winter forest feel. Let the soft Terracotta Pink transport you back to that particularly touching holiday moment. Or feel how the Mineral Cinnamon warms your heart!

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