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Food waste caddy

You can put all your leftovers in this kitchen counter waste bin. Little waste bin, lots of benefits! The vegetable waste bin has a lovely design, so it will definitely not look out of place on your kitchen counter!

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  1. Food Waste Caddy 1.8 litre - Dark Grey
    Available in 3 colors
  2. Food Waste Caddy Jade Green
    Available in 3 colors
  3. Food Waste Caddy Mid Grey
    Available in 3 colors

A kitchen counter waste bin to steal your heart

What do you do with your vegetable waste? With this waste bin on your kitchen counter, there's no need to walk out every time to throw away little bits of GFT waste. Just throw the waste in this GFT bin while cutting, then throw everything away when it's full. This waste bin has a lid with a convenient "open" position, so it simply stays open, and you just throw your waste in the bin while cutting, peeling and grating. The lid then closes tightly, so no unpleasant odours are spread through your kitchen. The waste bin has a handy stainless steel handle, making it easy to move. Of course, your kitchen counter waste bin is dishwasher safe!