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Drying rack tower

Your Brabantia Tower Clothes Airer

Getting clean clothes dry is a necessity all year round. With the Brabantia tower clothes airer you can quickly dry clothes, indoors or outdoors, and stay on top of your laundry. The Brabantia tower airer range offers:

  • Simple, effective design
  • Vertical drying to save space
  • Spacious design for large amounts of laundry
  • Long warranties with all products

2 Items

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  1. Drying Rack Tower Fresh White
    Available in 2 colors
  2. Drying Rack Tower Metallic Grey
    Available in 2 colors

Space Saving Brabantia Tower Airers

Opting for a Brabantia tower airer gives you the benefit of space. A vertical drying rack offers flexible drying options, with space saving in mind when folded. Choosing a Brabantia vertical airer gives you more options for drying, with multiple shelves and racks making it easy to get large amounts of laundry dry. The Brabantia airer range is designed for homes and gardens of all sizes, with rotary airers available alongside vertical drying racks.

Manage Large Laundry Loads with 3 Tier Tower Airers

A large laundry pile is not uncommon, but keeping on top of it is easy with a 3 tier tower airer. Multiple tiers make it easy to hang out all your clothes, with space for smaller items as well as bedding and towels. Opting for a Brabantia tower drying rack means never having to worry about drying clothes on radiators or around the home. Other laundry accessories including clothing pegs and additional airers can also help to ensure your laundry is always manageable.

Easy Setup & Storage with the Brabantia Tower Clothes Airer

Choosing the Brabantia tower indoor drying rack is great if space is at a premium in your home. Each tower drying rack is quick and easy to setup, but also folds away to a compact size for easy storage. No one wants their clothes airer always on display so when it’s not in use you can simply fold it up and store it safely away. The Brabantia range also includes wall-mounted drying racks for homes with limited space.