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Steam board

2 Items

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  1. Linn Steam Board Grey
    Available in 2 colors
  2. Linn Steam Board Pepper Black
    Available in 2 colors

Make Steaming Your Clothes Easy-Peasy

More and more of us are realising the benefits of freshly steamed clothes, with no creases and freshness both achieved at the same time. The Brabantia Linn Steam Board makes dry cleaning simple and easy at home, with our steam boards offering:

  • A solid surface for easy steaming, even a high pressure
  • Single fabric layer steaming through convenient design
  • Velcro straps to secure the board to your clothes rack
  • Long warranties for peace of mind


Make Steaming Clothes Easy with Brabantia

The Brabantia Linn Steam Board is a convenient addition to any home, offering a board for steaming your clothes wherever is most convenient. Our Linn Steam Board range makes steaming clothes at home in your bedroom, laundry room or dressing room simple and quick. The compact size of the board makes it ideal for small households, allowing you to easily steam or remove creases from clothes without the need for large airers and drying racks.


Modern, Convenient Design

The Brabantia Steam Board is designed with function in mind, attaching easily to our Linn Rack, with no need for additional storage. The Steam Board features a handy loop for hanging from clothes hangers and is easily mounted for convenient steaming due to its additional Velcro straps. Our Linn Steam Board is an at-home replacement for your local dry-cleaning service and a convenient addition to any household.


Team Your Linn Board with the Linn Clothes Rack

The perfect partner for the Brabantia Linn Steam Board is our matching Linn Clothes Rack. Providing a 3-in-1 solution, the clothes rack is designed to comfortably hold the Steam Board for convenient steaming. It also features a compact footprint while offering a space for steaming, drying, and airing out your clothes. Our Linn clothes rack and steam board belong together.

Brabantia represents durability and quality. That's why we give you a 5-year guarantee on this product. Thus, we not only offer a smart solution for you, but for the planet too.