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Steam clothes hanger

2 Items

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  1. Steam Clothes Hanger Grey
    Available in 2 colors
  2. Steam Clothes Hanger Pepper Black
    Available in 2 colors

Steaming Convenience with the Linn Clothes Hanger

The Brabantia Linn Steam Clothes Hanger has been designed for a world where we recognise the convenience and ease that comes with steaming clothes for freshness and a crease-free appearance. Steaming clothes is a great way to refresh them and it becomes much easier with our steam clothes hanger which offers:

  • A solid surface for easier steaming, even when using high pressure
  • A smart design which makes it easy to steam collars and shoulders
  • Sustainable design as each hanger is made from 85% recycled materials
  • Versatile hanging with a 360° rotating hook
  • Long warranties for peace of mind


Make Steaming Clothes Easy with Linn

The Linn range at Brabantia has been designed with steaming clothes at home in mind. More of us are realising the benefits of steaming at home, rather than using a dry cleaner, and it results in wrinkle-free, fresh clothes we can wear again and again. Our steam hanger makes it easy to steam clean any item of clothing. You can even use it to steam dry-clean only items and the compact size means it can sit easily amongst your other hangers in the wardrobe.


Versatile, Sustainable Design

The Linn Steam Hanger is simple in design, yet it works, with added features to make it even more convenient. Each hanger features a 360° rotating hook to hang it as you like and the design also allows for double-sided use, so you can steam the front and back of your garments separately to remove every wrinkle. Each hanger is also made from 85% recycled materials and is 85% recyclable after use, making it a sustainable choice. Our Steam Hanger’s sealed, solid design makes it much more effective for steaming clothes than a regular hanger


Team Your Hangers with the Linn Clothes Rack

Brabantia’s full Linn range has been designed to work seamlessly together. Our clothes hangers partner perfectly with the Linn Clothes Rack, a compact solution for your steaming and airing needs. Simply hang your steam clothes hanger from the clothes rack and conveniently steam away any creases and freshen up your clothes. 

Brabantia represents durability and quality. That's why we give you a 5-year guarantee on this product. Thus, we not only offer a smart solution for you, but for the planet too.