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Find the perfect laundry basket for you!


Every Brabantia laundry basket has a beautiful design and is worth seeing. But ask yourself where you want to put it. For example, will it be placed in a central, striking spot, or in a corner of the scullery? In the first case, you probably want it to match your interior. Then go for a model with that WOW factor. Our laundry basket in trendy matte black looks beautiful in a luxurious bathroom or home spa. 

In the latter case, it is important to look for a laundry basket that fits exactly where you have it in mind in terms of size. Do not forget to keep accessibility in mind.  A lid can be awkward in some cases, and an opening on the side a godsend!

  1. Stackable Laundry Box 35 litre - Green
  2. Stackable Laundry Box 35 litre - Pepper Black
  3. Stackable Laundry Box 35 litre - Grey
  4. Laundry Bin 60 litre - Matt Black
  5. Laundry Bin 35 litre - Matt Black


Of course, it is also important to look at the size. After all, as a student in a dorm room, you have less laundry than a family with three children. No problem! Brabantia has the right basket for every situation.

Our baskets are divided into litre quantities: 31 - 40 litres (Large) and 51 - 60 litres (XXL). Thus, you will find the perfect basket that suits you! 

  1. Laundry Bin 60 litre - White
  2. Stackable Laundry Box 35 litre - Pepper Black
  3. Laundry Bin 60 litre - White
  4. Laundry Bin 35 litre - Matt Black
  5. Laundry Bag 55 litre - Pepper Black


Where do you collect your laundry, and where is the washing machine? Two questions that are important in this choice. With an upstairs bathroom and a washing machine downstairs, you'll have to cover a distance. If your laundry is "spik and span" again after washing, you probably want to hang it out somewhere. If this is done in the attic or in your backyard garden, your laundry basket will also be used to transport your laundry. So don't just look at the design, but also whether a laundry basket is comfortable to carry.

A laundry bag can be used for both chores. It is solid as a rock, and can be carried with its fold-out brackets. Very useful for a large family where the washing machine is working overtime!

For example, our light grey washing basket with bamboo edge has a comfortable grip and fits perfectly into any interior. In addition, it is foldable, so easy to store (without creasing). You can also use it as a storage basket for toys or accessories.

If you have limited space, we also have a lovely solution for that. Our stackable laundry boxes are compact, you stack them on top of each other and they are portable!

  1. Stackable Laundry Box 35 litre - Pepper Black
  2. Stackable Laundry Box 35 litre - Grey
  3. Laundry Bag 55 litre - Green
  4. Laundry Bag 55 litre - Pepper Black
  5. Foldable Laundry Basket 40 litre - Grey


A stackable laundry basket can be useful if you want to separate your laundry, but also if each family member has their own laundry basket, for example in a dorm. If you have little space available, our stackable laundry boxes can be a godsend.

On less than half a square meter you can stack 3 on top of each other! Your sorting tower won't collapse, because the laundry baskets are positioned firmly on top of each other. With the handles on the side, you can comfortably carry them to your washing machine. 

Separating laundry

When you want to separate laundry, you can opt for multiple laundry baskets, a modular solution or a handy double laundry basket. For example, check out the laundry box with 2 sections and a flat (space-saving) back. This box has a removable laundry bag that you can easily carry to your laundry room.

The stackable laundry baskets can offer a modular solution. Stack them side by side, or on top of each other, and simply expand your sorting system if you wish. Tip: choose a colour per washing type. Of course, you can also place several separate laundry baskets or boxes side by side. The laundry bag lends itself to this with its square size and different colours. In short, this ensures sorting laundry becomes a fun activity! 

  1. Laundry Bin 55 litre, Selector - White
  2. Stackable Laundry Box 35 litre - Green
  3. Stackable Laundry Box 35 litre - Pepper Black
  4. Stackable Laundry Box 35 litre - Grey
  5. Laundry Bin 55 litre, Selector - Matt Steel


'Last, but not least' we have to talk about quality. We always take the smallest details into account, such as our linen-look laundry basket with a water-resistant coating. Or take the handy lid that you can fit on the edge of the laundry box so you have your hands free.

In addition, you always get at least 2 years warranty, up to as much as 10 years. For the exact specifications, please refer to the product pages.