5 laundry room storage solutions

You’ll love our 5 ideas for laundry room storage.

Whether your laundry room is large or small efficient storage is the key. It’ll speed up your laundry routine and keep things neat and tidy.

  1. Use wall cupboards to store cleaning products and extras like hangers and pegs. If you don’t have enough depth in the room for cupboards, shelves can look great lined with a row of pretty baskets or storage containers. Keep all your detergents, stain removers and fabric conditioners here within easy reach of the washing machine.
  1. Stackable laundry boxes are great for storage and sorting. Either use them to store whites/coloured’s/bedding/towels or give everyone in the house their own box. Stacking them on top of each other is a great space-saving solution. Try and keep a ‘miscellaneous’ laundry box or basket in the laundry room, for all those odd socks, tea towels and items that don't make it to the main laundry basket. A folding laundry basket is one of the greatest inventions ever. Take a look at our grey foldable laundry basket - we’re really proud of it! When you’re not using it you just fold it up and pop it out of the way.
  1. Clothes racks and rails are perfect for hanging clothes immediately after they come out of the dryer. Either use a portable rack with adjustable shelves or mount a rail on the wall. Keep a supply of hangers neatly in a basket for when you need them.
  1. Try and keep your ironing board folded when you're not using it. It’s tempting to leave it up if you use it every day, but it can take up a lot of space. A simple wall-mounted hanger to store your ironing board is the perfect way to store it.
  1. Keep a small waste bin in the laundry room for lint from the dryer, rubbish from pockets (sweet wrappers are a popular culprit!), old tissues and other paraphernalia. You could also place a small bowl or basket on the worktop or washing machine to store those items like coins and keys that always seem to get left in pockets.

We hope you love our storage solutions to make your laundry room function well and look good too! 

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