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Wall mounted rotary washing lines

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    OUR CHOICE WallFix Dryer 24 metres, with Storage Box
    WallFix Dryer 24 metres, with Storage Box
  2. WallFix Dryer 24 metres, with Protection Cover

Space-Saving Brabantia Wall Rotary Washing Lines

Keeping on top of your laundry and getting it dry quickly and efficiently is easy with the Brabantia range of wall mounted laundry drying racks. Mounting the rack is easy and you benefit from a compact way of getting your clothes dry in the sunshine, with no need to fill your home with indoor drying racks.

Besides making your life simpler, our clothes drying wall racks offer:

  • A space-saving solution for drying clothes
  • Quick drying for laundry loads of all sizes
  • Long warranties for peace of mind on all products

Opting for a wall fixed rotary washing line

Traditional rotary dryers are much more commonly used than their wall-mounted alternative, but there are benefits for switching to a wall rotary washing line. You will find that traditional rotary dryers are a little bigger but you still get plenty of space with a wall mounted rotary washing line, with 26 yards of drying space in total. Fixing the dryer to your wall is easy and you can instantly use it to dry your clothes.

Versatile, foldaway wall mounted rotary lines

Opting for a wall mounted rotary washing line is a great space saving solution for your home. There are many washing line options in the Brabantia collection but none are quite as compact and space-saving as the wall mounted rotary dryer. Our wall mounted dryers are collapsible and can easily be folded away when not in use.

Dry with ease with outdoor wall mounted clothes drying racks

Enjoy even more ways to dry your laundry with Brabantia outdoor wall mounted clothes drying racks. Our drying racks make it easy to dry garments of all sizes whenever there is sunshine or good weather. They mount easily to the wall and your clothes will be dry before you know it. When the weather’s not so good, you can always opt for our indoor hanging drying racks.

Dry your clothes the sustainable way

Tumble dryers have their place but for an eco-friendly, effective, and sustainable drying choice, our outdoor wall-mounted rotary washing lines deliver. Wall mounted drying racks use nothing but fresh air and sunshine to dry your clothing, saving on electricity costs and offering a much more environmentally friendly choice. If sustainability matters to you, consider our range of wall rotary washing lines.