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10 washing accessories every laundry room needs!

The right tools for the job in the laundry room can make your life easier. We’ve compiled a list of what you need for a smooth-running and efficient laundry system.

Drying rack 

if you don’t have a tumble dryer or want to save money, a drying rack is the perfect solution. With a drying rack, you can dry clothes indoors on the dampest of days. Choose from a free-standing rack you can move or a space-saving wall-mounted extendible rack.

Peg hanger 

a great space saver for hanging and drying your smalls and socks. Just hang the whole thing from the dryer or washing line.

Folding basket 

an excellent choice, allow us to introduce you to our foldable 40-litre laundry basket. Holds both wet and dry clothes and when you’ve done the laundry it simply folds neatly away. You’ll never use a plastic laundry basket again!

Peg bag or basket 

containing a selection of soft-grip stylish pegs made from plastic to avoid rust stains and keep your clothes looking good.


save on ironing by hanging clothes immediately they come out of the dryer. Or hang lightweight clothes to dry on hangers to keep their shape.

Clothes rack 

banish those untidy piles of clothes that need sorting and folding. The Linn clothes rack comes in several sizes and is ideal to hang clothes after drying or ironing or even as a storage solution in the bedroom.

Bags for delicates

to protect your bras, tights and most fragile clothes from snagging in the wash.

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Iron and ironing board 

for that smartly pressed look. Whilst it’s tempting to just fold and avoid ironing nothing beats the feel of a freshly ironed shirt or trousers (we even recommend ironing your bed sheets for a comfy night’s sleep!).

Dryer accessories 

if you have a tumble dryer, we suggest using dryer sheets or dryer balls to keep your clothes soft. And we'll let you into a secret – pop a tea towel in with your damp washing and it'll absorb the moisture and save you time and money.

The all essential washing products 

washing powder or liquid, fabric conditioner, stain remover, wool and delicate wash, white wash booster and starch for crisp ironing.

  1. Peg Bag Black
  2. Peg Bag Black
  3. Smart Pegs Set of 8 - Black / Grey
  4. Laundry Bin 55 litre, Selector - White
  5. Linn Clothes Rack Large - White