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Water bottles

6 Items

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  1. Make & Take Insulated Flask 0.5 litre - Dark Grey
    Available in 2 colors
  2. Make & Take Insulated Flask 0.5 litre - Light Grey
    Available in 2 colors
  3. Make & Take Cutlery Set 3 pieces - Dark Grey
  4. Make & Take Water Bottle With Strainer, 0.5L - Light Grey
    Available in 3 colors
  5. Make & Take Water Bottle with Strainer, 0.5L - Dark Grey
    Available in 3 colors
  6. Make & Take Water Bottle With Strainer, 0.5L - Jade Green
    Available in 3 colors

Hydrate and quench your thirst with a Brabantia water bottle

Keeping hydrated and having easy access to fresh drinking water is simple with the Brabantia range of water bottles. Our water bottles ensure you never have to worry about single-use plastics and can always enjoy a quick, thirst-quenching drink. Our range includes bottles which allow you to infuse fresh fruits into water for a naturally sweet beverage and insulated bottles so you can enjoy your favourite drink hot or cold.

Our range of drinking bottles offers: 

  • Well-designed bottles for everyday use 
  • Leak-proof designs for easy storage and less mess 
  • Long warranties for peace of mind

Reach your 'five-a-day' with a fruit infuser water bottle

Add fresh, natural flavour to your daily drink with the Brabantia fruit water bottle. Simply pop your chosen fruit into the built-in infuser and enjoy the fresh flavours rather than plain water. A fruit infuser water bottle is an effective way to get more fresh fruit into your diet and enjoy a tasty treat as well as keeping on top of your hydration.

Heat up or cool down with Brabantia insulated water bottles

The Brabantia water bottle collection also includes high quality double walled water bottles to keep your beverages ice cold or piping hot. Our stainless steel bottle range is insulated to ensure you can enjoy your favourite drink at the optimal temperature. The range ensures your bottle is versatile all year round and you can enjoy a perfectly heated (or cooled) drink whenever you need one.

All day hydration with Brabantia large water bottles

If you’re on the go all day and want to ensure you keep hydrated and on top of your recommended water intake, our range of bottles can help. Our large water bottles ensure you never run out of fresh, thirst-quenching water whether at work, the gym or relaxing at home. Eating and drinking whilst out and about is easy with Brabantia and our flexible range incorporates bottles and on-the-go dining including our breakfast and lunch sets.

Cut waste with Brabantia's reusable water bottles

Cutting down on single-use plastics, including drink bottles, is a high priority for many of us and our range of reusable drink bottles makes it easy. Once you’ve chosen your Brabantia eco-friendly water bottle, you never need to buy a single-use bottle again. Do your bit for the planet and choose reusable water bottles, and other reusable products from the Brabantia range. We also stock on-the-go soup bowls and yoghurt pots that you can use multiple times, ideal for cutting down on waste and protecting our planet.

Find the best drink bottle for you with Brabantia

The perfect bottle for your needs is right here in our collection. You’ll find the best water bottle with various colours and options ensuring there is something to suit your style and needs. Our range includes designer water bottles in a choice of colours. Explore the range of styles and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect bottle for your needs right here.