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8 tips to dry your laundry

1. Button up!

When hanging a shirt on a hanger, button up the top button. This way the collar won’t get floppy.

2. Get that drying rolling

Roll up washed sweaters with a fluffy towel, and leave for a few minutes. Then lay it flat on a dry towel. After 12 – 24 hours, turn it over and change towels for a perfect result.

3. Smart sheet hanging

When you hang sheets with the crease exactly in the middle, they will be easier to fold evenly later.

4. Organize your laundry

The laundry room collects lots of clothes needing treatment, ironing, or mending. Put some baskets in there to keep it all sorted out.

5. Save space

Limited space? Opt for pull out drying lines or clothes line set, easy to fix between two walls and perfect for over the bathtub or any other space you can find.

6. Use gravity

Drying outside? Clip a number of pegs along the bottom of sheets hanging on the line to weigh them down and prevent them flapping around.

7. Leave the tumble dryer

When you save energy, you not only save the planet, but you save money too. So now you have two good reasons to leave that tumble dryer and start the line drying your clothes.

8. Hang at strongest parts

When you hang clothes by the strongest part of the fabric – the waistband or inside seam – you won’t have to iron out any peg marks later.

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