How do you choose the right ironing board?

What should you look for when buying an ironing board? There is often much confusion about the differences between ironing boards, making it hard to choose what suits you. Watch the video and / or read the notes below to help you make the right choice.

Do you use a steam iron or a steam generator?

Steam iron.

If you have a steam iron, you need an iron holder that allows steam to pass through. You can opt for:

  • A compact bracket against which you can rest the iron;
  • A solid holder in which you can place the iron;
  • A heat resistant silicone 'parking' on the ironing board itself.

The iron holders are generally suitable for all common steam irons, and adjustable for both left-handed and right-handed users. The advantage of a silicone mat on the board is that you can make optimal use of the ironing board's shoulder shape.


Steam generator.

For the heavy steam generator irons, you need a solid steam unit holder in which you can place the steam generator.

I am (still) not sure.

For the doubters: at Brabantia, we have ironing boards with a flip out steam unit support, suitable for both steam irons and steam generators.

For ironing fanatics.

Are you doing a lot of ironing? Then always go for a more luxury ironing board. For example, Brabantia has the PerfectFlow and the SteamControl ironing board, especially for intensive users of steam irons, both able to withstand the leaking of condensation. PerfectFlow resists this through a special coating, SteamControl captures the water and facilitates its run-off.

Ironing seated or standing.

Ironing need not necessarily be done while standing. There are many ironing boards you can adjust in height, so you can also iron while seated. When buying, check the minimum and maximum height of the ironing board. Seated ironing starts at around 61 cm, the working height with standing ironing varies from 90-102 cm.

Narrow or wide ironing board.

The perfect width and shape of the ironing board mainly depends on your personal situation. If you have little storage place for your ironing board, a narrow ironing board will be the logical choice. It doesn't necessarily imply less performance than a wide board, but you will have to move your bed sheets more often. But for shirts and pants, a narrow and pointed end is ideal. Do you have a bit more space, and are you ironing larger surfaces more often? Then a wide, round end will be much appreciated.

Safety & quality.

There is a huge price difference in ironing boards, and judging the quality of an ironing board is often very difficult. A few quality and safety checks?

  • Is the ironing board safe? For instance, are you sure it won't fold in or out when your child runs up against it?
  • Does the ironing board have a cotton ironing board cover, allowing the steam to pass through?
  • Is the ironing board stable? What happens if you place a laundry basket filled with laundry on it?

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