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Take your moment.

Brabantia introduces Make & Take collection for food and drinks on-the-go 

Life is busy. But what if you could pause for a second, enjoy your meal, take a breather, take a moment? A moment that doesn’t have to fit in your schedule - but fits right in your bag. And when you’re ready, you take your moment and enjoy it. Meet Brabantia Make & Take: the new, high-quality Brabantia collection for food and drinks on the go. The collection contains a Water Bottle, Lunch Boxes in three sizes, a Bento Lunch Box, a Soup Mug, Breakfast Bowl, a Lunch Bowl, a Salad Bowl and even a Cutlery Set. All you need for meals and drinks on the go. The timeless, smart and compact designs in Dark Grey, Light Grey and Jade Green are available from week 42, 2022. 

Let’s go for a drink.

Enjoy your infused water on the go, or even make it on the go, with the Brabantia Make & Take Water Bottle with Strainer in Dark Grey, Light Grey or Jade Green. The fruits that you put in this 0.5 litre bottle, stay in the bottle, thanks to the smart sieve under the spout. Thirst satisfied? Put the 100% leak-free cap back on and hang it from its handle - which doubles as a handy rest to place your bottle upside down for better drying after cleaning. Handy, hygienic and reusable, keeping you and the planet healthier! This flavour flask is BPA-free, 100% recyclable, dishwasher safe and has a 5-year guarantee and service. Juicy! 

Think outside the lunch box.
Cheaper, healthier, less packaging… Bringing your lunch with you is smart. Even smarter with the sustainable Brabantia Make & Take Lunch Boxes! The Make & Take Lunch Box, Medium has room for 4 sandwiches or a nice portion of pasta. Its’ large brother stores up to 8 sandwiches or a twice as big pasta lunch. 
Looking for a space efficient lunch box? The Make & Take Lunch Box, Flat is made to fit the compartments of your bag or backpack and holds up to 4 sandwiches. All lunch boxes come in Jade Green, Dark Grey, and Light Grey, and have a lid with locking clips for tight closure. Furthermore, all Make & Take Lunch Boxes are BPA-free, can go in the dishwasher, microwave, freezer, are 100% recyclable and have a 5-year guarantee and service. What do you want for lunch? 

Lunch specials.
Into variation? Then the new Brabantia Make & Take Bento Lunch Box, Large is the box for you! Use it to pack 8 sandwiches with ease, keeping sweet and savoury apart with a smart divider that doubles as a lift. Or add the two separate containers for fruit, nuts, or veggies. Do you like noodles or leftovers for lunch? Take them in the Brabantia Make & Take Lunch Bowl 1L. And don't worry about spills – it’s 100% leak-proof! Rather have a salad? With the Brabantia 1.3L Make & Take Salad Bowl, taking and making a salad for lunch is easy and fun. This super bowl has a compartmented inlay for toppings, and a dressing container that doubles as a plug. Pull out the container and gently shake the bowl to distribute your toppings, add dressing and enjoy your super salads. Of course, this bowl is 100% leak-proof too. All these Make & Take Lunch items are BPA-free, can go in the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer, are 100% recyclable and have a 5-year guarantee and service. 

Soup story! 
Take your soup to the office without worrying about spills with the Brabantia Make & Take Soup Mug. This smart soup-to-go container fits up to 600 ml of your favourite broth and is microwave-proof. To top it off, this miracle mug has a screw-on toppings container (180 ml), keeping ingredients separated and fresh. A hot item that is 100% leak-proof, BPA-free, can go in the dishwasher, microwave or freezer, is 100% recyclable and has a 5-year guarantee and service. 

Bring your breakfast.
Eat your most important meal of the day at work, school, on the train or anywhere you choose with this Brabantia Make & Take Breakfast Bowl. Just fill it with 0.5 litre of your favourite to-go breakfast. And don't worry about yoghurt spills or soggy granola - this super bowl has a clear plastic screw-on ingredients container (180 ml) for separate storage and is 100% leak-proof.  Let's go! The Breakfast Bowl is BPA-free, can go in the dishwasher, microwave or freezer, is 100% recyclable and has a 5-year guarantee and service. 

Cut out for going out.
Stop using plastic utensils when on-the-go, use this reusable Brabantia Make & Take Cutlery Set of 3. A timeless knife, fork and spoon in high-quality stainless steel. Dishwasher safe and securely packed in a compact Dark Grey case. A set to reuse for a long, long time. This tasty trio is made of 25% recycled materials, and 100% recyclable after use. Of course, also get a 5-year guarantee and service. 

The items of the Brabantia Make & Take Collection will be available separately or in sets from week 42 from (online) leading retailers, including high street department stores, superstores, as well as quality independent kitchen and homeware specialists. All items have a 5-year guarantee. For details, please contact our sales department or visit our website

Notes to Editor: 
From modest beginnings in 1919, Brabantia has grown into a global interior design brand, renowned for bringing smart and stylish design to kitchen and homeware. Brabantia aims to enrich the quality of life and living for all our consumers, making sure that no matter what they’re doing around the home, they’ll love doing it even more with cleverly designed products. Products that make daily chores a pleasure, and that they can enjoy every day, for as long as they want. That’s ‘Designed for living’